Thursday, November 5, 2009

Katy Did It


Look! A leafy bug! Leafy bugs always amaze me. The Katydid is one of my favorites because of the sound they make (click to hear.) I like to sit out on my porch with an egg shaker in my hand and talk to them - and yes, they do talk back. LOL.

It was slightly challenging to shoot with one hand and hold this guy with the other but I did my best. Katydids don't sit still like praying mantis do.


I took all these with my Canon SD1000 Digital Elph and it's times like these that I long for a full sized SLR with a real macro lens.

More leafy bug video.


marianne said...

Amazing I have never seen these before!
Great shots and video!

Anne Coleman said...

He looks like he's scratching his chin and thinking in the first video! How cool - I think the photos are perfect!

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