Monday, October 12, 2009

Review: Diamine Orange Fountain Pen Ink

Diamine Orange Mandala

Mandala drawn with Diamine Old English fountain pen ink.

Diamine Orange

Diamine Orange tested in an off-white lined Paperblanks journal with a medium nibbed Lamy Safari fountain pen.

This ink appears to be the ULTIMATE orange ink. As in Sunkist Orange. Syracuse Orangemen Orange, Rhodia Orange, Halloween Orange.

Orange Orange Orange

Super flow in this medium nib. Ink is very saturated and shading is difficult to see. Diamine Pumpkin is a darker orange - more like what I would refer to as a "blood orange."

Diamine Orange is a very vibrant ink - but not something I would normally use, (I actually prefer the Pumpkin) but for fans of good old orange, this one is for you!

Buy Diamine Inks in the UK at The Writing Desk or directly from Diamine and in the US from The Pear Tree Pen Company Ink is sold in 80ml glass bottles, 30 ml plastic bottles, and selected colors are available in cartridge form.

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Mr. Guilt said...

I got a bottle of the Diamine Orange a few months ago, and am quite fond of it. It's my "I have nothing that forces me to look too business-y" ink. As well as my "force myself to have a good day" ink. At least two or three pens are inked with it, including a medium nibbed Safari, and a fine-ish Parker 51. The works well out of both pens.

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