Friday, October 23, 2009

Painting it Mine...

Painting a plate
Colors below the black are dry - black is starting to dry from the middle outward.

This is the finished piece I left behind tonight to be firedat my local Color Me Mine shop. Color Me Mine is one of those places where you go in, select a piece of pottery, paint it and then go back and pick it up once it's been fired. I had been wanting to try this for forever and a day.

A billion years ago, I used to paint ceramics when I was a member at the local Girl's Club. I remember that you had two painting options. Paint it with one kind of paint where you had to wait for it to be fired, or paint it with a different kind of paint (I think it was acrylic) where you could take it home right away. I remember the "right away" paint as being incredibly vibrant and that's the look I was hoping for when I stepped into the shop.

Painting a plate
Colors in this picture are still drying. I sped up the process by using a hairdryer.

Unfortunately, these paints didn't work like I had imagined. You had to paint from light to dark, and you had to do at least three coats if you wanted the colors to be somewhat opaque. The paints were thick and chalky and were difficult to apply. They would go on thick and you couldn't work them too long or they would start to dry. To avoid showing the brush marks, I sloppily slathered on coat after coat of this paint and to be quite honest, I was a little frustrated at how long it took. And the colors? They are close to impossible to tell what they will look like until they are fired. They had samples of the finished colors, but I still had to do my best to guess at how this will turn out. I used my "typical" palette of pinks, oranges, reds & burgundy. That purple in the image? It will be burgundy, not purple. My favorite part was adding the black, which was applied using a little squeeze bottle with a needle tip. In fact, I liked doing that part so much that once the above piece was finished, I selected a smaller plain plate and just did a simple black design.

Painting a plate

The total cost? About $30. The sitting fee was $10 (and you can sit there and paint all day if you like...) the large plate $12 and the small $8.25. It will take 7-14 days for my pieces to be fired because the kilns are off site.

I was lucky to pop in on a Thursday night - I was the only one there and I appreciated the solitude. Will I do it again? Not sure. It depends on how that top piece turns out. if it's spectacular, I might do it again. If not, maybe I'll buy some acrylic paint and paint on some of my old record albums instead.


Okami said...

I can't wait to see the finished products. I especially like the black design.

molly z. said...

Love the ceramic plates! Excellent job and great playtime!

Just noticed an error in your links.

If I use the links on the left of your blog and click "Diamine Ink Review Index", the page for "Saturday, September 26, 2009" comes up, with the red to yellow swabs.
If I click "All 60 Diamine Inks Swabbed" in the blog text of this page I am routed to - "Wednesday, October 21, 2009, Review: Diamine Onyx Black Fountain Pen Ink" (of four black inks)

I think in the past it was routed to "Sunday, May 31, 2009, All 60 Diamine Fountain Pen Inks Swabbed for your Inky Pleasure".
I found this list again by "searching" for a color you haven't reviewed yet, just swabbed.

On another note- I have cut down some drawing pads to square size (these are spiral bound) and have been drawing mandalas on these. It works out very well and the bonus is I get a narrow pad to test on. Next I'm going to get a couple of sheets of Mylar/vellum cut to square sizes. Mylar is used in the engineering business and will take ink, so I'll have to test other type pens.
molly z.

Stephanie "Biffybeans" Smith said...

Julie - thank you! Me too! I can't wait to see how it turned out.

Molly - thanks for showing me the link - I fixed it. I love doing mandalas on square paper. My favorite so far is the Clairefontaine square watercolor books. Fabriano also has a square artist book but you can't fold it back and it's not as easy to spin. I like to spin the book and my designs come out best when I do.

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