Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My short lived relationship with Prismacolor Markers

010607 Breath, Mind, Spirit

Admittedly, I was probably using them on the wrong paper. Paper that pulled the ink from the pen faster than a slot machine eats your hard earned paycheck. At the time, this was one of those, "I have to have a set!" situations that drives me bonkers until I have the item in my grubby little hands. I had heard good things about these markers and had seen a lot of great art created with them but they just never really did anything for me. I didn't know how to blend, and I didn't really know how to layer without one running into another in a less than pleasing way.

I no longer have the markers, but I do have a few pretty cool pieces of art that I created with them including my first ever - you heard it right, my first EVER mandala

010607 Prismacolor Meditation Mandala


Unknown said...

Lovely. Very vibrant. :) I like the ones I have, though quite a few are running out. They are nice when combined with watercolours.

B2-kun said...

You achieved some pleasingly bright and saturated pieces. While I still have a few PM markers around, I prefer to dabble with the lighter colored Copic Sketch markers which seem easier to blend gradually.

Stacy Wills said...

my first mandala was done with my daughter's crayola markers - eventually i moved on to sharpies...then prismacolor markers, which i loved for their blendability and range of colors. i work mainly in watercolor and acrylic now, but i think i may have to pull out the prismacolors soon for old times sake! fantastic first mandala!

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