Friday, September 4, 2009

Wed. September 9th, Free NYC Concert with Glen Velez & Lori Cotler

If you are in or around New York City on September 9th, I HIGHLY recommend checking out this FREE concert with Glen Velez & Lori Cotler. Last fall, I had the great opportunity to take a workshop with Glen who is considered to be one of the best frame drum players in the WORLD.

Please join The WAE (Wellness, Arts and Enrichment) Center as we host our second Global Beat Concert of the year.

EVENT: Master Percussionist Glen Velez Teams Up With Rhythmic Vocalist Lori Cotler for Global Beat Concert.

Where: Montclair Public Library
When: Wed, Sept 9, 2009
Time: 7 pm
Cost: FREE !

For information email Elaine Schenkel at or call her at (973) 865 - 7371. Info on performers below...

Drawing on the great drumming traditions of the Middle East, South India and the Mediterranean world, four-time Grammy award winner Glen Velez utilizes a vast culmination of complex hand and finger techniques to create a symphony of sound and texture from a single held frame drum.

Accompanying him on vocals is Lori Cotler who can execute with her human voice, maneuvers which do not seem possible in their rhythmic speed and clarity. Blending musical traditions from six continents, this duo mesmerizes audiences of all ages with their hypnotic overtones and dynamic rhythms. For more information on the performers, visit Glen Velez's website at

And one last video of the two of them together.

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