Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Taking an Inky Hiatus....

Three New Inks


I've noticed something lately- something quite disturbing. I've found that I'm not using my 14 fountain pens like I used to. I've been using roller balls & Pitt artist pens to write with. You know, like what the heck? Fountain pens are effortless to write with so why aren't I using them?

Inky burn out.

When I test inks, I fill them (at least partially) with the ink in question, and then I don't flush them until I'm ready to test a new batch. What's been happening is that I'm testing colors I wouldn't normally use and that's making me not want to grab a pen that's filled with an ink I don't want to use.

And so I've flushed them all and I am going to fill them - all of them, with "my" inks. You may ask yourself, which inks might those be? Here you go - here's my list of current "Keepers."

Herbin: Rose Cyclamen, Violette Pensee, Bleu Prevenche, *Cafe des Iles, Perle Noire, *Eclat de Saphir, *Bleu Nuit, Orange Indien.

Noodler's: Bulletproof Black, Red-Black

Sailor: Blue, Blue-Black, Nano Black

Diamine: Cerise, Pumpkin, Blue-Black, Amaranth, Poppy Red, Emerald, Mediterranean Blue, *Aqua Blue, Damson, Onyx Black, Grey, Chocolate Brown, *Sunshine Yellow, Imperial Purple, Majestic Blue, and Kelly Green.

I've going to pick about 10 from the above to fill, (I need a converter for my Al-Star, I'm not touching my 1911 since Mr. Nagahara tweaked it because I might sell it and my vintage Scheaffer already has Violette Pensee in it.) I'm thinking Perle Noire, Sailor Blue Black, Poppy Red, Amaranth, Damson, Orange Indien, Chocolate Brown, Rose Cyclamen, Mediterranean Blue and maybe Emerald. Whew - that was tough!

(Inks with an "*" may not make the permanent cut)

Don't get me wrong - there are still ink reviews forthcoming. Diamine Steel Blue, Umber & Passion Red will be posted soon. Inks that I've tested, but still have to write up the reviews include: Diamine Mediterranean Blue, Onyx Black, Prussian Blue, Royal Blue, Sepia, Quartz Black, Jade Green, Chocolate Brown, Pink, Flamingo Pink, Scarlet & Orange. Herbin Rose Tendresse, Bleu Azur, Bleu Myosotis, Cafe des Iles, Caco de Bresil and Gris Nuage.

Inks left to be tested are Diamine Saddle Brown, Dark Brown, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Amber, Blaze Orange, Yellow, Crimson, Brilliant Red, Deep Magenta, Imperial Purple, Presidential Blue, China Blue, Florida Blue, Washable Blue, Turquoise, Indigo, Teal, Imperial Blue, Woodland Green, Light Green & Dark Green. (Basically a lot of browns and blues.)

That being said, it's all together possible that by the time I run through "my" ink in this current filling, I'll probably be ready to test a few more. I am however, pondering whether or not to continue on to another line once I complete Herbin & Diamine as ink testing is hard work. :o)


Beth T Irwin said...

Now you see why color has such an impact. There are times when changing pens and inks are all the difference between staring at the page, or having my characters flow off the nib. It's amazing how characters in my head refuse to perform if I try to write them with colors they don't like. I don't know how people who type into computers write, with everyone and everything flowing out in boring black and white.

Titivillus said...

I can't imagine having 10 pens inked at the same time! For me 3 is a comfortable level.

Anne-Sophie said...

Rhodia Drive is going to take more of your time.

When you posted that thread, you already might have been working on your mandala to fabric project.

You love percussion.

You are married.

You have a full time job.

So something has to give.

Pen and ink are always going to be there, if you feel the need to hold off on reviewing other brands, go ahead.

Keep your favorites in your pens and enjoy them.

PS:Your reviews of Herbin inks are the most comprehensive I have ever seen.

Biffybeans said...

Beth - I am with you 100%. I really write at my best with colors I enjoy.

Kurt - it's more like a dozen... :o) But then again, I have quite a few Safari's. All of my pens have their own character - and some I tend to use more than others.

Anne-Sophia - LOL. How observant! I certainly do my best. And by the way - I have reviews coming for the last 6 Herbin inks. Then the series will be complete. It will take me longer to finish with Diamine.

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