Friday, September 18, 2009

Reliving My Childhood at the Fair

Ferris Wheels

Last Sunday, I went to my second festival of 2009. What's odd about this is that prior to this year, it had been at least 10 years since I'd been to a fair because it's just not my scene. I don't have children, I don't ride the rides, and as far as the food goes, there isn't much for a vegetarian to eat at these kind of events.

Wheel against the mountain

This festival was HUGE and it was in the middle of a small town in Northeastern PA. My husband & I had set out for a car ride to nowhere in particular and when we got near this part of the state, I had remembered seeing something in the paper about this event and so I thought we'd give it a try.

I always knew this as The Zodiac

This festival was very old-fashioned in many ways and I think that's what I loved about it the most. Lots of homemade food, local crafters, boys from the high school football team walking around wearing their jerseys - it was like something out of a movie.

They had many different amusement rides that I remembered from my childhood - like the one above. Not that I ever went on it, because as a child, 99% of rides made me ill. I specifically remember getting off the Tilt-O-Whirl and singing into the first garbage can I saw. (Dad bringing me 7-Up to calm my stomach... lying on a bench trying to feel better...) Same thing with that pirate boat ride. Upchuck the boogie woogie. I can't stand things that spin or drop where it makes my stomach lurch. (Don't even ask me about the Back to The Future ride at Universal Hollywood a few years back- I ended up with vertigo.)

No way...

A Ferris wheel where the cars flip over? Oh my goodness no..... (Did you know that the world's tallest Ferris wheel is in Singapore and is 541ft tall? It's called the Singapore Flyer.)

One time down at the Jersey shore, my parents let me ride a mini-roller coaster. (I was about 8 or 9) I was the only one riding that ride and after about 20 seconds, I screamed my head off for the ride operator to stop the ride because I was so afraid. I can still see my parents standing there laughing at me. Oh the joy...

My All-time favorite ride

And then I saw this..... The Scrambler. It was my ALL TIME favorite ride. I actually started to tear up when I saw that the name hadn't changed, nor had the logo. For a brief moment, it really transported me back in time. When I was little, I would BEG my Dad to take me to the amusement park but it was a rare occasion that he actually did. I don't think he appreciated taking me there only to have me end up crying and throwing up because I couldn't stomach the rides. When he would take me, this was the one ride I could go on all night long. Last weekend I watched this ride doing it's crazy mixer like movements and I REALLY wanted to go on it...but I resisted. Like my Mom used to say, "I'm too old for that stuff." Instead, I just stood there and enjoyed my little time warp moment- like how they would always stick my bony butt in the inner side of the car so when the ride moved around I'd get crushed.


My husband and I walked around the event several times, snacking on some salt & vinegar french fries, a plate of elephant ears, and a cold glass of orangeade. We listened to some music and watched the rides spin around on an absolutely beautiful Indian Summer day. It was so good, I am really looking forward to going back again next year. - and maybe, just maybe, I'll ride the Scrambler again.

PS - I took all these pictures with my cell phone and they all came out really bad... very dark and not reflective of the beautiful day at all. A few tweaks in Picasa including adding the "film grain" filter and they came out looking as if they were taken with a 110 Instamatic from the 70's. Bingo!


bengkia said...

lol. there was a big hue and cry sometime back when the Singapore Flyer broke down and passengers were stranded in the air for a few hours. Breakdowns and inefficiency are a *big* no-no here.

I don't know if they've come up with better contingency response-plans since, but they have started serving (fancy) dinners on the Flyer now. The dinner capsule can fit a couple'a tables with a hostess attendant to serve the courses. Frankly though, i think a dinner date on the Flyer is just a marketing gimmick aimed at courting couples. :-)

stacy said...

the scrambler was always my favorite ride...i used to love the tilt-a-whirl, too, but my middle-age stomach, just can't take that one any more. thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Unknown said...

You did a great job with altering the photos.

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