Friday, September 11, 2009

Make Time to be Creative This Weekend


I can't image a day without being creative. Whether I'm writing, drawing, or making music, I try always express myself in some way each and every day. I don't do this to please anyone else- I do it just for me.

Still Gathering Thoughts

The secret is to just do something because it feels good to be doing it. Release any judgments you have about whether or not what you do is any "good" because it doesn't matter. There is only to do. :o)


This weekend, set a side an hour or two and pull out the paints, the knitting needles or that old acoustic guitar and just let go and have fun!


Goldspot Pens said...

I totally agree. Take out your camera this weekend and submit some photos for this $25 gift card giveaway we're doing. We haven't gotten a submission yet, so I'm guessing everyone is waiting for the weekend to be creative.

You can find the details about the giveaway on our facebook page here:

unhalfbricking said...

This is just what I needed to hear this Saturday morning. Thank you! :)

Brad said...

I've been searching for my creative muse for weeks. Nothing is coming. :(

Stephanie "Biffybeans" Smith said...

Unhalfbricking - Your Welcome.

Brad - perhaps you are searching to hard. Regardless of what your typical creative outlet is, just do something, anything that's creative - even if it's simple and childish like chalk drawing on the sidewalk or gluing macaroni to paper in silly patterns. Just let go and you might just be amazed by what come to you. :o)

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