Monday, September 14, 2009

Don't you hate when a favorite product is changed or discontinued? Grrrrrr...

It seems as though all of my hair care products that I have been using for well over a decade are either being discontinued or "changed" in some way.

Earlier this year it was my Aura Humectant Pomade. I switched to Aura's pomade after finding that it did the same job as the Aveda at about 1/4th the price. As it appears to have been discontinued, I have been forced to buy several years supply from Ebay. (Though I have noticed it on clearance at several beauty supply stores online.)

And now it's my beloved Aussie Sprunch Spray. I recently bought a new bottle from Target, noticing that the packaging had changed and that the bottle was smaller. Then I went to use it and found (ugh) to my dismay, that the signature grape small had been replaced by something that resembles cheap bubble bath, and that it's not really working to hold my curls intact. What the heck? That Aussie smell was GLORIOUS - it always drew comments of, "What's that great smell?" And now it's gone... I called the customer service number this morning and was told that the formula and fragrance was changed as a result of consumer studies. Pfffffft. No one asked me. I just hope that I'm not the only one that notices and that others will complain because I want my Aussie back! #FAIL!


Shade said...

The same thing has happened to my mom multiple times. I never get too attached to a beauty product to be upset when it changes/leaves, but she used to use this wave spray that had oil/water in the bottle, which you mixed up and sprayed on your hair--it was discontinued a few years back and she hasn't found a good replacement since.
As far as me, myself, and I, I usually use whatever's there, but I would be upset if something I loved changed, as well.

Kim said...

I feel similarly, although in my case I just can't use the product I love because it is SO EXPENSIVE.

Have you done the Curly Girl method at all? I'm always trying to find the right product, something I can stick with.

mizm said...

I miss the old Aussie smell, too!

Katness said...

I lost my favorite mascara last month. I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

count your blessings. i'm an environmental educator and one of the issues we've been researching and teaching about recently is that of endocrine disruptors. These are prevalent in persoal care products. Often the red flag word to look for on a label is "fragrance". Unless it's an essential oil, that's usually a clue that some very nasty, cancer-causing chemmies are in the product. Also look for the word "paraben" hidden inside other, longer words. It's very nasty as well. Not only bad for us but bad for the watershed, streams, rivers an aquatic creatures -after all that's where it goes after it washes off of us and goes down the drain.
Aubrey makes a line of non-toxic personal care products. Or -check out

Anne-Sophie said...

I agree with the anonymous poster statement.

Most readily available cosmetics are full of very nasty stuff.

I found out about, when they were first created and had only a minimal amount of products listed.
My favorite moisturizer was one of the nasties so it go chugged right away.

But, the problem was to find a suitable non-toxic replacement that did not gave me allergies.

It took 5 years to find the product I am using now. It is organic, make my skin smooth, the 2oz TSA compatible container lasts a year when used daily.

Sooo happy!

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