Saturday, September 26, 2009

Diamine Ink Review Index

Diamine Reds, Oranges, Pinks and Yellows

04/04/10 Since receiving the 60 inks linked below to sample & review, Diamine has released an additional 12 colors:

Diamine Bespoke Sherwood Forest
Diamine Bespoke Amazing Amethyst
Diamine Midnight
Diamine Havasu
Diamine WES Kensington Blue
Diamine Classic Red
Diamine Hope Pink
Diamine Marine
Diamine Delamere Green
Diamine Majestic Purple
Diamine Lavender
Diamine Rustic Brown
Diamine inks provided by Diamine for the purpose of review.



Speedmaster said...

Very cool, thanks!!!

molly z. said...

This is fabulous ! I linked to the "60" when I placed an order from Pear Tree. They are cool in that they offer 4 tiny sample bottles with your choice of inks for $5. Great way to try out colors. molly z.

molly z. said...

In a previous post you had a question re: getting ink off your hands - I was trying to get some blood red ink off my hands and I just thought to pick up the 'Mr Clean' spot cleaner sponge. WOW- it works very well - no more 'blood' on my fingers.
Of course I'm new to this (FP stuff) so I don't know about old stains. I hope someone else gives it a try!
molly z.

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