Thursday, July 9, 2009

Review: Jim Donovan's new CD entitled, "Let Go"

A while back I introduced you to my friend Jim Donovan, then I later wrote about how he graciously granted me permission to use a piece of his music from his CD "Pulse" for my mandala video and now I'd like to share his new CD with you, entitled "Let Go."

What kind of music is it? It's "a deliciously hypnotic compilation of down tempo ambient chill music with a groove designed to sooth your soul" and to me, it's absolutely glorious. One day while I was writing, I allowed the CD to repeat 4 or 5 times and the words just kept pouring and pouring out of me... they were filled with so much emotion. It's truly a magical thing when you find a particular piece of music that just lets you tap into that kind of energy. Ambient/chill music always seems to do that for me. It pulls me out of my head and allows me to drop into the moment. "Let Go" - this is the good stuff...

Reading through the liner notes, I was fascinated with the process that brought this project to light:

"Over the years, I have created music that reflected my current inspirations. The styles of music have been varied- from electronic to percussive to ambient, and each piece was charged with a specific intent. In listening to over a decade’s worth of these recordings, I found that there was a common thread that ran through all of it, and that thread was openness. Being open to what life has to offer and in turn, letting go of patterns and habits that no longer served me.

In this compilation, I selected music from three very distinct periods of my life. I have chosen not only to re-master and present each piece in an updated format, but to re-frame them into a new body of work with the intent that the listener can connect to that openness." - Jim Donovan

I just love that because it really speaks to me as an artist. You create something in a particular moment with a specific intent, and you become intimately connected to it. As time passes and the emotional charge that inspired the initial creation has decreased or disappeared, you can start to look at your body of work in a whole new light. You may have once never thought that your varied creations could ever be connected to one another, but with the passage of time, you can't see it as being any other way.

Listen to samples of "Let Go" and then buy it from CD Baby.

For other CDs, DVDs, workshop and tour dates, visit Jim on the Web:



JD at I Do Things said...

I listened to all the samples and LOVE this music, especially Guardians of the Core and Love 1. I will definitely be buying this. It's awesome chill-out/inspirational music that makes you feel relaxed and energized at the same time. Well done!

Marsha said...

I watched the video. Wow. Incredibly good fit of music and mandala art. Very moving.


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