Monday, July 13, 2009

Review: Diamine Sunshine Yellow Fountain Pen Ink

Mandala Doodle

Sunshine mandala drawn with Diamine Sunshine Yellow ink on Clairefontaine Ingres/Pastel White Laid paper.

Diamine Sunshine Yellow

Sunshine Yellow is a "New Century" Fountain Pen Ink "Launched in January 2006, New Century Fountain Pen Ink is available in 30 vibrant shades also suitable for any fountain pen brand"

Diamine Sunshine Yellow tested in a lined Paperblanks journal with off-white paper.

This is my favorite shade of yellow, and in watercolors, it would be New Gamboge. A bright yellow that leans more towards orange than lemon. The ink is saturated enough that you can see (for the most part) what you are writing. There is shading but you really have to look for it.

I put this ink into one of my smoothest writing pens - one with outstanding flow and this ink was really very dry. I had to work to push the nib across the paper and that's a total bummer because I love the color so much. Perhaps the flow might be better in a wide-nibbed pen.

I'm struggling to decide whether or not to keep it but if I do, I'd only be using it to paint with as I don't want to struggle to write no matter how awesome the color.

Buy Diamine Inks in the UK at The Writing Desk or directly from Diamine and in the US from The Pear Tree Pen Company Ink is sold in 80ml glass bottles, 30 ml plastic bottles, and selected colors are available in cartridge form.

1 comment:

plo said...

LOVELY! I wouldn't imagine a yellow could be so vibrant, and easy to see!

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