Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Review: Picadilly Leatherlook Journal

Piccadilly Leather Look

Piccadilly Leatherlook specs:

200 lined cream colored pages, 100gm wood free paper. Leather-free soft cover and a finished satin ribbon bookmark.

Piccadilly Mole Clone and Leather Look Journal

Same height, but slightly wider than a Moleskine. These days, I prefer the wider journals.

Piccadilly Leather Look

The website shows the word "Journal" in white, but it's actually embossed on the cover. I do not find it intrusive. I love that it has rounded corners on both the cover and the pages.

Piccadilly Leather Look

I do not care at all for how rough the stitching feels on the inside of the cover.

Picadilly Leather Look

As the cover is flexible, I noticed that if it gets bent, the cover retains the crease. Jam it in and out of a backpack or purse often enough and the cover is going to get really messy looking. I'd really like to see this book made with a stiffer cover.

Piccadilly Leather Look

I'm a little confused because the Piccadilly website said that these journals came with paper lined on only one side, but as you can see in this particular book, it is lined on both sides.

Cover allows book to open and lie flat. Very Flat

Piccadilly Leather Look

7mm ruling, 100gm cream paper. 100 gm paper is really thick for a journal. The most I've seen is Clairefontaine's 90g. So how did it work with a fountain pen? For me, it worked very well. Virtually no feathering or spreading, and no bleedthrough. For my friend at Inkophile, whose Leatherlook book was loaded with the one side ruled paper, she experienced feathering. Is the paper the same, but just ruled differently? Not sure. Read her review here.

Available in 16 different cover styles, you can order them online direct from Piccadilly.


Beth T Irwin said...

This is one I'd love a follow up review discussing how the cover held up under regular usage. I have reservations about the roughness of the stitching. I'm also curious about paper consistency, since you received double sided and Inkophile got single sided. But 100g paper is certainly tempting, especially given the price point.

Captain Bryant said...

Hi, Stephanie.

I just wondering about Leatherlook Journal paper is the same that Wire-O Journal paper.
Picadilly's web said that is the same paper: 100gsm Wood Free Paper.

I always read your excellent reviews and I remember you said that Wire-O Journal paper suffer some feather effect... but not Leatherlook paper.

I'm a little confused.
I like thick paper and Picadilly's Leatherlook Journal looks great... but I hate feathering.

I need your help...

Biffybeans said...

Captain -

Whether or not the paper in each is 100g, it's not the same. But take note that Inkophile received a Leatherlook journal that had different paper in it than the one I received and she experienced feathering & bleeding. I don't know what to tell you.

mitchell said...

Hi there,

A few months ago i went into a small bookshop in a town about 4 hours drive away from where i live as i was traveling through. At the counter they had these leather look notebooks, and i bought one. What i liked about it was that only every 2nd page has lines, the other side is blank. So whenever you open the book, the left page is blank and the right one is lined. This is the prefect mix of the ruled and plain styles.

I used to carry around with me a large moleskine sketchbook (with the thicker pages) and then a medium lined piccadilly for writing in, and this book replaced both. (remember that moleskine 'large' and piccadilly 'medium' are the same size)

I found this review when looking for where to buy one of these. According to the piccadilly website there are extra ISBNs for the red and black leatherlook with the alternating pages.

If anybody is interested in having a plain page and ruled pages in one book, i highly recommend this one, as for me it meant i only had to carry around one book instead of two. Unfortunately i havent been able to find another shop that sells them, and have had to go back to the two-book system.

If anybody know who stocks these in Australia i'd really like to know.

email me: mitchell dot benham at mail dot ee

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