Friday, May 29, 2009

Review: Stabilo 68 Fibre Tip Pens

Stabilo 68 Markers

I bought this set of Stabilo 68's a while back because I liked the set of Stabilo Mini 88 markers that I found at Blick.

Stabilo 68 Markers

While I like the colors in this set, I don't like the inconsistency in the nib thickness.

Stabilo 68 Markers

Each pen is soft and smooth on any paper that I've tested, but some of the nibs are smooshier than others- something I find frustrating when trying to create a particular design or drawing. As a result, I don't use them very often. In the above image, the pen on the left doesn't have the same firm tip as the other two. There are several in the set like this, and they came out of the box like that -- it's not due to overuse.


I don't care for the cap design, as they do not stay securely posted on the back of the pen and seem as though as they could get easily lost.

Stabilo 68 Markers

If buying these for children, they seem a little pricey. A set of 20 runs about $22.

From the Stabilo website:


The target group:
  • From artists to anyone who draws a lot, and discriminating color fans.
  • School children and students.
The pen:
  • High-quality, color-intensive fibre pen for strong lines and large areas.
  • Selected pigments for high brilliance and luminosity.
  • Stable, push-resistant M-tip (line-width approx. 1 mm) for even ink application.
  • Odourless, aquarellable water-based ink.
  • Ventilated cap.
  • Cap-off time of up to 24 hours.
  • Available in 40 colors, 6 fluorescent colors and various ranges.
The advantages:
  • The preferred choice for drawing, underlining and coloring in.
  • Classic STABILO white edged design immediately indicates high quality.
  • The benchmark product in the fibre pen market."
Stabilo 68 Markers

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