Sunday, May 3, 2009

Review: J. Herbin Violette Pensee Fountain Pen Ink

J. Herbin Violette Pensee

From the J Herbin website:

"J. Herbin is the oldest name in pen inks in the world. M. Herbin created “The Jewel of Inks” in his shop on the Rue des Fosses Saint-Germain in Paris in 1700."

"Each bottle of 30 ml has an integrated pen rest. They are known as “D bottle pen inks. The “D” refers to the old French unit of measure “la Demi Courtine”.

* 30 beautiful colors!
* Non toxic and pH neutral
* Lightfast
* Water based
* Flows smoothly and is fast drying
* All natural dyes

J. Herbin Violette Pensee

So sorry for the quality of the above image. Sometimes the white Clairefontaine paper is hard to accurately photograph. I was amused that the color of the ink almost matched the lines on the paper.

I had previously tested a sample of this ink a long time ago, but quickly dismissed it for bleeding in my Moleskine. Well... I'm not using Moleskine journals these days, so here we are again.

The Violette Pensee has that wonderful slightly floral scent that only some of the Herbin inks seem to have. It's the color of a grape popsicle and I can't really describe it as a particularly wet or dry ink. It does seem to have a slightly odd chalkiness to it.... strange, right?

J. Herbin Violette Pensee

The color looks slightly better on the ivory Canteo paper. It also reminds me of the ink on old fashioned grocery store receipts, or even, Gasp! Mimeo paper.....

For now, it's a keeper.

All Herbin inks provided by Exaclair for the purpose of review.

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Kate the Elder said...

Another one of my favorite inks.

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