Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Review: J. Herbin Diabolo Menthe Fountain Pen Ink

J. Herbin Diabolo Menthe

From the J Herbin website:

"J. Herbin is the oldest name in pen inks in the world. M. Herbin created “The Jewel of Inks” in his shop on the Rue des Fosses Saint-Germain in Paris in 1700."

"Each bottle of 30 ml has an integrated pen rest. They are known as “D bottle pen inks. The “D” refers to the old French unit of measure “la Demi Courtine”.

* 30 beautiful colors!
* Non toxic and pH neutral
* Lightfast
* Water based
* Flows smoothly and is fast drying
* All natural dyes

J. Herbin Diabolo Menthe

I'll make this one quick and easy. Diabolo Menthe is too light and too dry. I had it loaded into a .5 cursive italic and the pen was squeaking across the Clairefontaine paper. (Yes - I had made sure I had the ink converter primed.) The color isn't as fluorescent as my pictures are making it out to be. (Too many tweaks in Picasa I suppose - gotta start laying off of that Sharpen function...)

This ink seems to be a lighter version of the Vert Reseda, though maybe without the yellow tinge. It's the color of tropical waters - pretty, but I won't have a use for this ink.

J. Herbin Diabolo Menthe

Herbin inks run $7.20 per 30ml bottle at The Ink Flow


Stephen said...

That mint milkshake makes this one of Herbin's more interesting labels!

Biffybeans said...

I thought it looked more like some kind of tropical drink, but a milkshake sounds good as well!

OfficeSupplyGeek said...

I have this ink and it looks like it gets a ton more sediment in it than any other inks, which worries me about putting it in my pens. I love all of the other J. Herbin ink that I have, but this one just worries me.

Anonymous said...

I know that colour as projected on a computer screen isn't the same as reflected on paper, but from what I see of your writing samples, this ink reminds me of Waterman South Sea Blue, but less saturated.

Thanks for the review.


Biffybeans said...

Fernan - if I look at this image, http://girlieg33k.googlepages.com/greens-miscblues1_mod.jpg I would say that the Herbin is more green. That South Seas Blue in the example looks like Herbin's Bleu Pervenche.

Ronan said...

Not milkshake:-) "diabolo" is just lemonade added to a cordial. So diabolo menthe, diabolo citron, diabolo fraise, etc. Heaven on the terrace of a café, watching the world go by :-)

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