Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Review: J. Herbin Bleue French Lavender Scented Fountain Pen Ink

J. Herbin Scented Fountain Pen Ink

From the J. Herbin site:

Scented Fountain Pen Ink

"These exquisitely charming inks, lightly scented and presented in elegant semi-frosted bottles, are perfect for fountain pens since they are synthetically scented and do not contain pigments.

Fashioned with great care, scented inks are inspired by a tradition that began in Italy in the 19th century. J. Herbin and other manufacturers used to collect different scents from the perfume industry and add them to their inks."

Known as “Les Subtiles” (The Subtle), each ink matches fragrance and color: bleu/parfum lavande/10; vert/parfum pomme/34; amber/parfum orange/41; rouge/parfum rose/68; and violet/parfum violette/77

J. Herbin Encre Bleu

Lightly scented my foot. This ink stinks. It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too strong for my sensitive nose - and I actually like lavender. This smells more like French lavender which is much stronger than the lavender oil I'm used to using for sore muscles & scrapes & burns.

J. Herbin Encre Bleu

The ink is a nice color and has good flow, but the smell was burning my nose and I feared the scent lingering in the pen so I immediately flushed it after this one use.

Buy it online at Silver Crow Creations or at Inkflow.com

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