Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Refuse to Let a Piece of Art Stay Ruined.

122708 092

It was late and it was quiet, and that's usually when my brain starts to relax and it's my favorite time to create because it just flows....

122708 090

I remember taping down a piece of watercolor paper. My plan was to draw with some Sennelier shellac based ink and once dry, I would watercolor over it. And so I proceeded to draw something most likely mandala like...

It looked dry, it felt dry, but when I started to paint over it, bye-bye drawing. It washed away and I got pissed. Started throwing water at the paper, mashing paint around...this one was destined for the trash can so why not let out a little aggression?

As the paint is drying, I notice the paper is now slightly raised where the paint had crossed over the area where the inked lines had been. (Following me?) I grabbed a scissors and started scraping and peeling away strips of paper at these raised sections. So now I have this wrecked painting with torn away sections revealing white underneath. I grab the brush and start painting in the areas that were revealed. It's starting to be a little more interesting, but I'm still totally intent on eventually chucking it and heading off to bed.

My final (or so I thought) grand gesture to this messed up adventure was to grab a scissors and cut the whole thing into thin little strips, and as they started to pile up, I remember thinking about keeping one as a book mark.

And that's when the light went on.

122708 086

I don't even know what time it is at this point, maybe midnight? I just know that I have to run up to the attic to look for that roll of copper foil tape.

I found it, and ended up spending at least another hour creating the final product.

Several years ago, I took a workshop with the Queen of using textile techniques in metal, Ms. Arline Fisch. She taught us simple weaving techniques that could be used with wire or thin gauges of metal. The image below show the projects I created during her class and when I saw that orange paint sitting in those recessed areas, I had this idea that the copper foil tape would look so good along side it.

And that's how I refused to let a piece of art stay ruined. I made lemonade instead.

Projects from Arline Fisch Workshop


gypsy said...

Love, love, love this idea of continuing until you like your results... and switching your medium if need be. Wonderful!

Stephanie "Biffybeans" Smith said...

Thank you gypsy!!!

Judy said...

The image reminds me of a flying dragon!

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