Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Review: Sennelier Esquisse Blanc Drawing Pad

Sennelier Esquisse Blanc

(This model is slightly smaller than 4x6")

From The Vickerery Website:

"This vintage pad from Sennelier that has thankfully never really changed. Its bright red cover graphics bring to mind the Vespas and hip cafĂ© society of 1950’s Paris, complete with an embossed seal stating its use as an artists' tool. If you were to walk into the Sennelier store back then you’d find them sitting on the shelves with the exact same look. Distinctively bound at the top with four metal rings, it includes 50 sheets of lightly grained white, pH neutral paper ideal for rough sketching, charcoal or pastels."

$20 for 9x12" at the Vickerery

Buy them in the UK at Heaton Cooper Studio

Sennelier Esquisse Blanc

Fountain pen test - very slight feathering, NO bleedthrough with this 70g lightweight paper. Light grain is mildly unpleasant to write on with a fountain pen. (I can't recommend it)

Sennelier Esquisse Blanc

Very nice with Cretacolor Monolith pencils.

Sennelier Esquisse Blanc

Paper takes a light watercolor wash nicely, but there will be buckling.

Sennelier Esquisse Blanc

Example with Derwent Inktense Pencils. Pencils draw nicely on the paper, water was applied with a Niji Waterbrush.

I like the old fashioned cover, but the ring bound book is a little hard to handle unless you somehow clip it. Rugged back cardboard cover lets you easily hold this book with one hand. (4x6" size) Paper is not bright white (more of an off-white) and I like that, though I think I prefer the paper in the Clairefontaine Sketch Book to this one because it's better with a fountain pen.

Not readily available on the web, US and UK options are listed above.


Ontheroad said...

I love the Sennelier inks, especially their colours, but never used their paper.

Thanks for the terrific review.

tim (m) said...

I can't quite make it out from the picture but do the metal rings open, allowing you to remove (or add) sheets without tearing them? Thanks!

Biffybeans said...

Hi Zoe - thank you!

Tim - on my smaller pd, they are a little difficult to open, but yes, they do open. They are pretty much just what you would find in a three ring binder.

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