Monday, March 16, 2009

Review: J. Herbin Pigmented Inks

J. Herbin Pigmented Inks

Pigmented Ink (“Encre Pigmentee”)

Exquisitely rich opaque inks with high pigment content.

* Bottle needs to be shaken vigorously and frequently during use
* Very dramatic on dark-colored paper
* Water-based
* Ink in 4 brilliant colors: opaque white /01; gold /04; silver /05; copper /06

Ref. H135/ – 30 mL bottle
Ref. H120/04 – Sampling of 5 10 mL bottles (What is in the 5th Bottle???)

J. Herbin Pigmented Inks

BIG WARNING - These inks are NOT to be used with a fountain pen. Apply these with a glass dip pen or brush.

J. Herbin Pigmented Inks

I admittedly wanted to try these because I love things that show up on black paper. I was especially wanting to try the silver ink. There are 5, not 4 bottles in this sampler, gold, silver, copper, white and a 5th one that is not marked on the label or on the Herbin website.

I want to make clear that I did shake these bottles quite viciously before testing the inks. I used both a glass dip pen and various small paint brushes to try them. The paper I used was by Reeves.

The first example above was with the "unknown" ink. It did not produce any kind of decent results on the black paper.

J. Herbin Pigmented Inks

Same with the white. I shook it and I stirred it with a brush and this was the best I could do.

J. Herbin Pigmented Inks

Gold is a little better, but you really had to be relentless with keeping that bottle mixed or else the particles would start to quickly settle.

J. Herbin Pigmented Inks

Copper stayed mixed a little longer than the gold. Nice results.

J. Herbin Pigmented Inks

The silver ink seemed to have the smallest particles and would stay mixed the longest. (Yay!) It also held on the glass pen better and I was able to write for a lot longer than with the other colors.

I liked the silver best, followed by the copper. As I had less than pleasing results with the other colors, I can't recommend them. These inks are sold in a sample set like this, and also singularly. Not every store listed below had every option available.

Buy from Daniel Smith, Silver Crow Creations, The Writing Pen Store and Wet Paint Art


Shade said...

Unknown Ink=Bronze perchance?

Anonymous said...

The fifth one is iron; a very dark brown/black colour.

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