Thursday, March 12, 2009

Review: Fabriano Multi-Color Artist Journal

Fabriano Multi-Color Artist Journal

Fabriano Artist journals SCREAM for you to pick them up and be creative.

Fabriano Multi-Color Artist Journal

From the Blick site:

"Ideal for sketching or writing, this journal is sure to spark inspiration wherever you wander. A ribbon bookmark permits quick reference.

These 192 page journals have 12 colors of Ingres drawing paper, a color for each month of the year. The journal with blue cover offers the alternative of white and cream pages. The paper is a great paper for ink, pencil, or pastels. It's mouldmade, acid-free, and lightfast.

Comes in 2 sizes (5" × 7" and 7" × 9") and 4 cover colors (Black, Red, Umber, and Olive). Also available in a blue cover with white and cream pages."

Soft paper cover. Pages are made of 12 different colors of Fabriano Ingres. 16 pages of each. Acid free. Ribbon Bookmark.

192 pages
5" x 7" Approx $22
7" x 9" Approx $29

Fabriano Multi-Color Artist Journal

Multi- colored pages can sometimes trip me up... I don't know which to use first, or use next!

Fabriano Multi-Color Artist Journal

These chunky books are a little difficult to get to lie flat. As long as I have been using them, I've only used one side of the paper. The paper cover could definitely be thicker. Toss it in your bag for a few weeks and it will get torn and beat up. Perhaps a leather cover would be a good idea?

Fabriano Multi-Color Artist Journal

All tested fountain pen inks behaved nicely with no feathering, bleeding or see-through. Nibs write true to size on this laid paper. Laid lines are more pronounced on one side than the other.

Fabriano Multi-Color Artist Journal

Pitt artist pen and Prismacolor pencils.

Fabriano Multi-Color Artist Journal

Caran d'Ache Neocolor II crayons. Love the way you can see the texture of the paper through the crayon.

Fabriano Multi-Color Artist Journal

Mandala with pitt artist pen.


B2-kun said...

Very nice informative picture review. I've check them out at stores a few times, but I always end up putting them back. They are rather over-priced for such small journals especially considering how flimsy their covers are.

B2-kun said...

Very nice informative picture review. I've check out these artist journals journals a couple of times at stores, but I always end up putting them back. They just seem rather overpriced for such small format especially considering how flimsy their covers are.

Biffybeans said...

Covers are flimsy, but the paper is outstanding. IMHO, they are worth the price.

inkophile said...

Colored paper can be a distraction but you've made great use of it.

Biffybeans said...

Margana - I agree. I'm not sure that I really like the variation in color. I never know which one to use....

Arpit said...
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Biffybeans said...

Arpit - I know what you are saying... The paper does have some significant laid lines - more pronounced on one side that the other.

arpitk said...

One of the problems I faced with Fabriano journals is that one cannot use a vintage fountain pen with a semi-flexible nib on them. The lining on the pages is too thick and keeps splitting the nib apart along its tines, making it difficult to lay down ink and damaging the nib as well. I have bought and used a couple of these journals, and none of the semi-flex nibs worked well.

Anonymous said...

This is good value for what it is. This paper is far more expensive that anything you see from other notebook manufacturers.

The problem is that they are made cheaply. I made two similar books for a friend using the same papers, hand sewn, hardcover with waterproof library buckram fabric, that lay completely flat on their own at any page.

The problem is that this doubles the cost of materials, and makes the binding cost about 50x higher. A retail 3x higher would be required if they were sold directly, and 5x higher if sold through retailers, so manufacturers will not do it.

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