Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Review: 4x5" Exacompta Forum Pocket Journal w/ Madeira Cover

Exacompta Madeira Pocket Journal

From The Writer's Bloc:

"This Exacompta Basics Pocket Journal is covered by a buttery soft calfskin-like Madeira cover. Cover features snap cover and small pen holder for security and convenience. Gold edged journal is filled with 192 sheets of lined ivory paper-- lightweight but exceptionally strong. Tear-off corners all you to open to your next blank page and ribbon bookmark can help keep your place. Madeira cover is available in black, dark green, red, blue or golden yellow. Refillable. Size: 4" x 5 1/2". Pens are not included."

Exacompta Madeira Pocket Journal

The cover of the Maderia is soft and well made. The journal has off white pages with gold gilded edges and 7mm ruling. I personally prefer ruling that runs to the edge of the page, and I'm not crazy about the tear off corners which are meant to be used as a page marker. The journal has a ribbon bookmark and I'd rather use that, than the tear off corners, which I find distracting.

This book does not open flat, and to some degree, you will always be writing in/out of a hump. If you work the spine back and forth, you can get it a little flatter, but for such a small book, the hump seems to take away the ability to really use the whole page. The small Quo Vadis Habana is a great example of a small book that opens perfectly flat.

Exacompta Madeira Pocket Journal

The belt-buckle snap seems to always get in the way of trying to write on the right hand page. There is a pen holder, but it's very small- a standard papermate stick pen does not fit.

Exacompta Madeira Pocket Journal

I was a bit surprised to find the ribbon bookmark secured to the outside of the refillable journal.

Exacompta Madeira Pocket Journal

The paper in this journal is extremely thin. Bible paper thin. Of 11 fountain pen inks tested, none feathered or spread...

Exacompta Madeira Pocket Journal

But Noodler's Bulletproof Black ink is the only one of eleven that did not bleed through to the other side of the paper. Unless you plan on only using one side of the paper, I cannot recommend this journal to be used with most brands of fountain pen inks. Ball points should work fine, though I suspect that many of the gel type ink pens might also bleed.

It's a cute little book, just one that doesn't suit my needs.

Buy them on sale for $12 at the The Writer's Bloc


stevelightart said...

Things like the strap getting in the way, the pen loop being too small and the book not lying flat baffle me. Don't companies product test their products?? It is just bad design.

Anonymous said...

Not if you're left-handed....and mine came with a little pen that fits.

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