Friday, March 13, 2009

Missing Mandalas

Squarish Mandala

I may always be drawing mandalas, but I'm still always surprised when I come across ones that I've forgotten about. These are two that I did a couple of months ago and actually photographed, but never got around to uploading. This first one was done on 12/30/08 - the day before my 40th birthday. I wonder what I was thinking when I did it? Was there any intention injected into the piece? If so, I can't remember. I know I was anxious about turning 40, and in fact, am still struggling with it a bit. I hit a milestone and I can't help but think about what I haven't done, instead of all the glorious things that I have accomplished.

Simply existing is not enough

This next one was done sometime prior to the first, but I can't remember when. I can remember doing it in two stages. The circular piece came first, and then everything else around it.

I love the note I made on it: "Simply existing is not enough. Movement and action is imperative to living life to it's fullest." How true. We spend so much time on peripheral things. Wasted time that we can never get back and will fully regret when our time grows short.

I really need to wake up and start living.


Anonymous said...

Amazing what you can do with a little ink. :)

Stephanie "Biffybeans" Smith said...

Bless your heart. :o)

HH said...

The second one is absolutely beautiful. I am drawn to it. It is so unlike many others due to the sheer geometry -- it is like it is dancing outward.

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