Sunday, March 29, 2009

Circa 1974: Earliest evidence of The Bean's love for paper.

Pop-Pop bribing me with paper

When I was little, I was always shy around my older relatives. I remember my Dad wanting to take a picture of me with my Pop Pop, and here he is trying to get me closer to him by bribing me with a tablet of paper- which didn't work. Then I distinctly remember my Dad promising to let me take a picture with his camera if I would just go and hug Grandpop. Somewhere there exists a picture of me hugging him, but I distinctly remember as soon as Dad snapped that picture, it ended the roll of film, thus ending my career as a professional photographer before it even began.

Which instead, launched me head first into the world of paper- to which I have no complaints, nor regrets.


Ro said...

Such a serious little face! I have fond memories of my grandfather (also called PopPop) who, at 6'4", was a little intimidating to me, too. BTW, he always called me String Bean.

The Missive Maven said...

Awesome photo.

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