Saturday, February 28, 2009

Review: Exacompta Index Cards

Exacompta Index Cards

Index Cards (Also called "Bristol" cards.)

For notes, designs, organizing, planning and study aids
• High quality paper - use both sides, ink never bleeds
• Five subtle pastel colors: green, blue, yellow, pink, white
• Pale violet grid lines
• Acid-free, pH neutral card stock

Five assorted colors in each pack
Graph 100 cards 4 x 6 E10272
Graph 100 cards 5 x 8 E10273
Graph 100 cards 5 ¾ x 8 ¼ E10378

Note: My box of the A5's only had 4 colors in it. No white. Not sure if what I have is old or new stock as my box design is different compared to what I see on the Exaclair site.

Exacompta Index Cards

I really enjoy using these cards for note taking, list making, organizing my thoughts. This A5 size fits perfect in the journal I'm currently using; a Kunst & Papier Sketch Journal.

I started using these the moment they showed up on my doorstep. Immediately fell in love. All of my fountain pens glide smoothly over the surface, though it does take a few moments for the ink to dry.

As I started to test them for this review, I wondered if there would be a quality difference between the different colors and sure enough, there was. Of the 11 fountain pen inks I tested, a few of them feathered and spread on the different colored cards. Not horribly, but if you use a medium or bold pen it could be worse.

The pink card fared the best with no inks feathering or spreading, the yellow & blue each had two of the more saturated Herbin inks feather, (Rose Cyclamen & Bleu Pervenche) and the green was the worst, with 6 of 11 inks feathering. (3 Herbin, 1 Noodler's, a Private Reserve, and a Sailor.) Some of the feathering is visible to the naked eye, some I found when looking through a magnifying glass.

I still love them and will use up the whole box.

The 4x6 ($8.00) and 5x8 ($10.00) can be purchased Here and Here


dowdyism said...

Wow - these are really cool!

Anonymous said...

Great review. I replied more fully at FPN.

Question: What camera do you use for your great photos of journals, pens, ink, art, etc.?

Biffybeans said...

No problem! My camera is a 7MP Canon Elph. I shoot most everything in Macro, outside, on sunny days. It's a small camera, which means small lens, which means that I really need good sun to take a decent picture. The other day was great. Took 190 pictures. (Though later pared it down to 127.) Digital is wonderful!

B Irwin said...

Thanks for the feathering info. Between that and the narrow grid, these don't look like my B, BB, and stub nibs will like them

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