Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day

Red Safari on Black Moleskine on Red Habana on get the idea

Whether or not you have a special someone to share today with, be sure to love yourself. Take a few moments just for you. :o)

Red Black Doodle

Mood (2)

Red Mandala - I like this one

Grande Red Ciak Journal

Colors of my Heart


Mandala Doodle

Fabriano Venezia Book

Red Hand*Book Doodle


Anonymous said...

Your drawings are so beautiful, especially "Colors Inside My Heart." I love that! Every time I come here, I want to go out and buy nice paper and fancy felt pens. Perhaps I will do that today as a V-day gift to myself. Happy Heart Day!

mzjohansen said...

As always, a wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

I own the Venezia sketchbook Stephanie. It's awesome! Has great textured pages and they are thick so they'll take some water and working without degrading.

Happy Valentine's Day sweetie!

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