Monday, January 12, 2009

Review: Danny Gregory's book "An Illustrated Life" If you keep a sketchbook or art journal, this book is for you!

About 2 years ago, I began uploading my photographs and artwork on the photo-sharing website Flickr. I found that Flickr had numerous user-created groups where you can share and comment on people's drawings, sketches, paintings, colleges, you name it.

I love to peruse these groups to see what other people are creating, and one of the most popular of such groups is Moleskinerie, where people (over 10,000 members in this group) share their journaling/art journaling images in the popular Moleskine journal.

It's impossible to not start to develop a liking for certain artist's creations, so when I was at the public library a few weeks ago, I found a copy of Danny Gregory's book An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers and was pleasantly surprised to see many of my familiar Flickr artist friends depicted in this fantastic book.

I'd originally become aware of Danny through his blog, but this was the first time I had seen the book in print.

I took it home and started to flip through the pages and found some of my favorite artists such as: Cathy Johnson, R. Crumb, and Tommy Kane.

As the book's full title dictates, An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers, the book is filled with illustrations from 50 top artists- reproductions of their art directly from their personal sketchbooks, photographs of their sketchbook and journal collections, interviews that contain the artist's personal choices for media and sketchbook preferences.... It's a lavish feast for the eyes and a glorious boost of inspiration for the creative soul.

As I must soon return this copy back to the library, I must quickly order a copy for keepsies. Really great stuff. Bravo.

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Ontheroad said...

Yes, lots of good folks in the book. Do you know about his yahoo group?

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