Friday, October 31, 2008

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.....

How long ago? Not sure - but I have a bottle of Zima in my hand and Kelly was still playing with the Bills, so you figure it out. Oh - and check out my spiffy fanny pack...

This photo was taken at a college party long after each of us in the photo would have actually been in college. We all used to work together and the party in question was being thrown by a younger co-worker that was attending Kutztown U at the time. She invited us to the party but never expected us to actually show up.

And show up we did. That's me on the left in the Kelly jersey. To my right is Lori in the poodle skirt. Seeing this picture reminded me of how Lori always used to go all out and have some of the biggest & most spectacular Halloween parties. It was at one of her shin-digs that I first tried home-made salsa on a hot dog, and boy was it good.

To the right of Lori is my friend Lisa, dressed as a typical Disney World tourist. Wearing a Goofy shirt, pants pulled up to her chest, three cameras around her neck and toting an ill-folded map, she is the princess of cool.

On the far right- that's Matt. I haven't kept in touch with Matt and it's a shame because I really liked him. He was funny, kind and sometimes a real pain in the ass but ultimately a really good friend. I still remember that time he cooked me and Deb that beef soup from scratch...

Happy Hallo-weenie Everyone!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Purple and Orange Chakra Mandala for Halloween...I guess

Purple and Orange Chakra Mandala

I had a hard time scanning this one, and I might have gone a bit overboard in Photoshop trying to get the colors right, but I like the way it ended up, all punchy and in-your-face orange. Created with a maroonish/violet Sharpie marker and some Daniel Smith Transparent Pyroll Orange watercolor paint applied with a Niji Waterbrush applied on Bordon & Riley #234 Paris Paper for Pens.

It's like a Great Pumpkin Chakra Mandala. So Happy Halloween y'all.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Wednesday, so it must be time to groove....... Hey Ya!

Watch Mutwashi : Jim Donovan's Drum the Ecstatic in Music Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Because sometimes we all need a little something to get us through the mid-week hump.

The song is based on the traditional African rhythm called "Mutwashi" and is performed by Jim Donovan's band Drum the Ecstatic International.

Drum the Ecstatic on MySpace

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mandala with Healing Mantra - Created with Intent

100808 Mandala with Healing Mantra

Several years back, I learned about the power of chant through a workshop by Jim Donovan called "The Yoga of Drum and Chant." Chanting creates sound vibrations in your body that can create great spiritual, mental and physical healing.

Once I experienced how powerful chanting could be, I couldn't get enough of it- reading books like Russill Paul's "The Yoga of Sound", and Thomas Ashley Farrand's "Healing Mantras."

Out of all of the sacred mantras I have learned, the one for me that seems to have always seemed to hold most intense power of manifestation is the Tibetan Healing Mantra, "Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung."

Repeating a mantra for a sustained amount of time, while charging it with specific intent is the way to activate the energy that is associated with that mantra. Whether for healing, abundance, or to remove obstacles in your life, each mantra is a "sound prayer."

To quote Hazrat Inayat Khan in his book The "Music of Life",

"Sound plus intent equals manifestation."

This particular mandala was created with a specific intent to heal those who needed it. If you need healing in your life, than I dedicate it to you as well.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Drawing with a Fountain Pen : Which pens do you perfer to draw with?


This morning I noticed that people were arriving at my blog after searching for the term "Drawing with a Lamy 2000."

While I write an awful lot, I also draw as often as possible.

In my experience, I've found that firmer nibbed fountain pens are easier for drawing than those that have some level of flex. This being said, I found that my Pelikan M200 and Lamy 2000 weren't the best pens I've tried to draw with.

I like to use my Lamy Safari's for drawing and doodling. I feel that the firm nibs allow for more control and flow - and the notched grip seems to help maintain control of the pen as well.

112207 Lamy Safari and Ink Mandala

I suppose this is one of those "YMMV" (your mileage may vary) types of situations, because I'm sure that there are many different kinds of fountain pens that people enjoy drawing with.

Mandala to pass the time

Another mandala drawn with a Lamy Safari. Nib is a custom .05 Cursive Italic ground by Pendemonium. Ink is Private Reserve's Arabian Rose.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I have what?

Medicine Woman - Redux, originally uploaded by biffybeans.

After an ultrasound test yesterday, it appears as though I have some rather large uterine fibroid tumors. These are very common in women of child bearing years, it is not known what causes them, but what happens is that a single cell rapidly multiplies to cause a hard muscle mass to grown on, in or around the uterus. I have several of these, including one about the size of a golf ball.

That golf-ball sized mass is apparently what has been causing my lower abdominal pain, and problematic monthly cycles.


At one time, the most common way to remove the tumors was by performing a hysterectomy. These days, they can still can be surgically removed, with or without a hysterectomy, can be treated with hormones, or destroyed via high-powered ultrasound waves. But more often than not, nothing is done at all unless they become extremely problematic. They are rarely known to become cancerous.

After digging around on the internet, I seem to be finding that changing your diet to low fat & high fiber, removing meats & dairy that can add hormones to the diet, eating lots of whole foods, (fruits & vegetables) and by adding a variety of herbal remedies can reduce the size of the tumors where they are no longer causing me discomfort..

I need to discuss all of these options with my doctor, but I always prefer to go the holistic way whenever possible.

So right now, I am angry, frustrated, depressed and quite emotional. That being said, I will figure out a way to beat them.

Information in Uterine Fibroids from the Mayo Clinic

Holistic Protocol for Uterine Fibroids

After looking through a number of books on the subject, I've ordered the following two:

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