Monday, December 1, 2008

Review: Pen & Ink Fountain Pen Set - would make a great Stocking Stuffer!

Pen & Ink Fountain Pen Set

This is the Pen & Ink Fountain Pen set. It costs $20. The set comes with one pen, (available in EF, F or B) an ink converter, and three ink cartridges containing a non-permanent black ink.

Pen & Ink Fountain Pen Set

Pen & Ink products are manufactured in China for Art Alternatives. Art Alternatives designs, manufactures, and distributes their products to be sold to independent art retailers. Their products are not found in any of the big-box art retailers or hobby shops. (And I hope they keep it that way)

Pen & Ink Fountain Pen Set

The enclosed leaflet is pretty descriptive on the pen's history, care & use, storage & additional products from Pen & Ink.

The pen itself is very light, and fat. It's wider than any other pen I have, including my Sailor 1911. It's so wide that I cannot fit it into my Conway Stewart pen case. :o( That's a bummer.

The pen is covered in a rubber-like material that is easy to grip. The cap clicks securely into place, but to securely post it, you really have to push it down on the body. I cannot tell if this would eventually start marring or wearing down the rubber. Unposted, this pen weights almost nothing. I am unsure of the metal used in the trim, aluminum maybe? It has a cheap feel to it, and on one of the pens there is a tiny burr on the metal ring near that end of the pen.

As I started to buy fountain pens with twist off caps, I now always mindlessly check every pen I touch to see if it has a screw off cap. (Even when I KNOW it doesn't) It's become automatic. When I did that to one of these pens, (just one, becasue I've tried it with all four) the front ring by the nib screwed off and became lodged in the cap. Okay.... stick stick pen back in cap and twist again until it's back on the pen. Keep in mind that this is a $20 pen- there's good to come of this, I swear.

Pen & Ink Fountain Pen Set

The little suede wrap is adorable, and I might have to hijack it for use with whatever pen I'm carrying in my purse...

Pen & Ink Fountain Pen Set

The nibs are iridium tipped, and like I've said before, I have 4 of them. 2 EF's, a F, and a B. And what's the most important part of any fountain pen? The nib. I was "stunned" at how well these pens wrote. The EF's are hard and needle-like (yet smooth) the Fine super smooth, and the Broad, the same. Keep in mind that EF nibs are not going to write as smooth as glass, because there's less nib touching the paper. For someone new to fountain pens, I'd select the Fine nibbed set.

I think what surprised me the most is that all 4 pen nibs were smooth. I have 4 Lamy Safari's and 1 of the 4 was scratchy out of the box.

Interestingly enough, you can actually buy replacement nibs for these pens for $4.49 each!

MSRP Prices:


Pen & Ink Fountain Pen Test

Examples of how all 4 pens write. Please excuse the Broad, it's been sitting inked and unused for about 2 months. (And yes, I should know better...)

The ink that comes with the pens is a non-waterproof black that isn't what I would call a saturated black. They can be purchased in sets of 12. In the example, I also have one of the pens filled with the Pen & Ink No-Shellac India Ink. That's a review for another day.

I'm not expecting these pens to last a lifetime, but for $20, it's a great way to get someone interested in fountain pens because ultimately, it's the writing experience that gets them hooked. This may not be the prettiest or best made pen, but it writes nice & comes with a converter. And a cute little suede wrap to boot!

Buy these pens here:

Or on Amazon:

Pen & Ink Sketchbooks were previously reviewed Here


B2-kun said...

Well-rounded review, looks like a nice introductory set for fountain pen writing. For sketching though, I would still go with the Rotring Art Pen with an EF nib.

Nrepose said...

Another great review. Those look really nice and they sound like they are good bargain pens. Nr

Bonny said...

I have the F nib one and it's quite a nice pen.
There is one thing to watch out for; the converter doesn't work very well. In fact mine is now in two pieces because it isn't very sturdy.I don't mind using cartridges, though. So far they have lasred quite a while.

Sheryl said...

In the example, I also have one of the pens filled with the Pen & Ink No-Shellac India Ink. That's a review for another day.
Thank you for the informative and helpful review. Have you posted the review on the Pen & Ink No-Shellac India Ink? I am thinking about this ink for a sketching ink.

Anonymous said...

These are really fun to sketch with but watch out, even though the nib has some flex to it I sprung the Fine nib on mine, never done that before, doh. Too bad no one makes a truly flexible art fountain pen, these were supposed to be but I actually like my Lamy Safari better than this pen.

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