Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Bean's Top 10 Favorite Pen, Ink, and Paper Products of 2008

Pelikan M200 Fountain Pen on Red Moleskine

1. Moleskine - Why? Because a single Moleskine journal started it all for me. The large lined version is everything I like about a journal- except for the inconsistency with it's paper when used with fountain pen inks.

Lamy Safari's on Moleskine

2. Lamy Safari - Why? Because they are inexpensive, great writers, are built like a tank, and are available in really cool colors. My first fountain pen was a Safari, and I still love them (I now have four of them) as much as when I started out.

122708 070

3. Noodler's Bulletproof Black fountain pen ink - Why? It's my baseline. My old standby. Because I can always reach for it when I'm not in the mood for color. It also been formulated to work on all kinds of paper, so when only low quality paper is at hand, Noodler's BP Black will work most every time.

Papa Habana & Little Habana

4. Little Habana - Why? While the paper is a wee bit thinner than I would prefer, and the ruling rather tight, I love the size of this well made product. It's great for stuffing in my pocket when I go for a walk. I grow more and more attached to it each time I use it.

Medium Ciak w/ plain ivory pages

5. Medium Ciak - Why? I love the plain ivory paper, and the size of this book. It's well made and screams to be my travel partner.

Spiffy New Fountain Pen Friendly Apica Notebooks!

6. Spiral Apica - Why? Apica paper is smooth, off white and very pleasant to write on. I prefer hardbound books to spiral, but these are too good to go unused.

122708 063

7. Sailor Blue-Black Ink - Why? Other than it's awesome color, it's the smoothest ink I own. It makes every pen I've tried it in write even better.

Sailor 1911 on a Xonex Ru

8. Sailor 1911 - Why? Because it's a Sailor. Sturdy, feels great in the hand, smooth fine nib- it's a great writer and it makes my words feel slightly more important each time I pick it up.

J Herbin Fountain Pen Inks

9. J. Herbin Inks - Why? The tiny bottles and long manufacturing history makes using these colorful inks a treat to use.

Myndology Disc Bound

10. Myndology Bare - Why? The recycled off-white Bare paper is probably some of the best I've tried with fountain pen inks. Smooth, no feathering and no bleeding. The disc bound design makes project work a breeze.

So that's my top ten for 2008. What were your favorites? What are you looking forward to in 2009?


Christopher Humphries said...

I'm too much of a newbie to make any suggestions, but I really enjoyed this list. Maybe I can make this a checklist for my 2009? ;)

Rita said...

i like j.herbin inks too, but it is not easy to buy them in Taiwan

Del DeVries said...

Nice job on the top 10 list! Excellent photos and text makes this a valuable piece for a year end search for new writing products. Thanks!

I have a 14 year old Lamy Safari that wrote mountains of notes through my PhD program. Refilling at least once a day counts as significant use! Today it still writes like new -- but has to compete with 2 other colors of Safari and about 10 other fountain pens. But somehow, I ALWAYS have a filled Safari at hand and ready to write.

skdd said...

As soon as I saw these photographs my hands were itching to try and touch them. Love paper and pens and pencils! Too much.

hugin said...

Wow, the Myndology Bare paper is in fact very good with fountain pen inks! I also like the idea of the disc binding, though I am unwilling to pay as much as they are asking for a paper punch for it. I am impressed. Thanks for the tip-off...
And the J. Herbin color sheet is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I'd really like to see a new update to this, though I am afraid that it might contain too many Clairefontaine/J.Herbin choices due to your business relationship with them.

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