Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Review: Xonex Ru Notebook

Sailor 1911 on a Xonex Ru

Xonex Ru. 4 1/8" x 5 3/4" 128 acid free pages.

Moleskine, Pelikan & Xonex Ru

Ru's under a small Moleskine for size comparison.

Lamy Safari and Xonex Ru

From the Xonex Pens Website

"Covered with "Made in the USA" latex infused paper, our very durable journals can really take a "beating". Perfect size with hidden inside pouch and elastic closure. 128 blank acid-free pages. 6 assorted colors. Rust, Berry, Lavender, Ocean, Avocado and Charcoal."

Xonex Ru

Elastic band is thin, loosely fitted and feels to me like it might easily stretch out and become unusable.

Corner of both the book and the paper is squared. I prefer rounded corners, as squared edges tend to get beat up when pulling a book in and out of a purse or backpack.

Xonex Ru

Huge back pocket. Maybe that's why the elastic is loosely fitted.

Xonex Ru

The books are made in China, but covered with a US made latex infused paper.

Xonex Ru

Ru's lie completely flat. Signatures sewn with three stitches. Off-white paper.

Xonex Ru

Fountain pen test. Tested inks did not fare well. All feathered to some degree- some pretty badly. Noodler's Bulletproof black came out as the best. All inks bled through the paper to at least some degree. Wider nibbed pens feathered the worst. Other thinner nibs did better, but still would push though the occasional blood dot.

Me personally? It's a really smooth paper that's a joy to write on, but unless I was using the Noodler's BP ink in my fountain pens, I'd use the book with other media.

Xonex Ru

Click to see larger version.

Xonex Ru

In conclusion, the Ru has some pretty nice, smooth paper that seems like it would work wonderfully with non-permanent markers, (Like Pitt pens or Stabilo markers) I just can't recommend it for use with a wide range of fountain pen inks.

I like the size of the book for doodling purposes, but the latex infused paper cover seems to get "shiny" quickly and I'm not sure how well it would hold up over time. Elastic band is flimsy and seems like it could get easily pulled off in a crowded purse.

Xonex Pens Website

A previous review of the Xonex Ru can be found Here.

I'm having a hard time finding them online, though they are available from this Ebay Seller.


Barb said...

I actually bought one of these at the Container Store. They have these and some of the Rhodia pads.

Speedmaster said...

I love the 'ru!' ;-)

dysleeper said...

I bought a 3 pack of rus at Chapters in Canada for slightly less than the price of one Moleskine. The three-pack comes with one plain, one ruled and one squared notebook. I haven't found the squared one too bad for feathering/spotting which may have to do with the printing process.

I'm using an old Sheaffer calligraphy pen and some vinyl tip markers with it. Nice notebook for the price.

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