Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Review: Ring Bound Myndology... Flash!!! Ah-Ahhhhh

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I got these little ring bound note pads (for lack of a better description) from Myndology and for the life of me, I couldn't really figure out what to do with them, or how I would use them.

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So as usual, I jump into testing the paper, (more of a thicker card stock) with fountain pen inks. Everything passed with flying colors. No feathering/bleeding/show through.

Still thinking of how to use them, I head back over to the Myndology website and read this:

From the Myndology Website: "The Myndology ring bound system is an all new way to look at organization. From Jotting down notes or ideas to a well organized flashcard set, the ring bound system lets you organize it your way. Reorganizing is as simple as opening and closing the metal ring."

Um, ok. It's still not really clicking in my head. Flash cards?

And then I find this video that shows one way of using them:

And then under the Myndology History on their website, it all starts to come together:

The Myndology Company was born in mom and dad's garage. Literally.

I came back to my hometown in Wisconsin after living and teaching English in Japan for a few years. While I was in Japan, I noticed that my students used ring bound flashcards. Eventually, I found myself becoming addicted to the ring bound cards as I tried to learn Japanese. How on earth did I ever use those standard flashcards — without a ring to hold them together? They never stay in order and always get mixed up.

Back in the US I forgot all about those ring bound cards...until one day. My friend was studying for law school and had a huge shoebox full of study-cards. Almost in slow motion, I saw her cat jump on the bed, knock the box over and spill the cards all over the floor. Total disaster. That's when I remembered the ring bound cards from Japan.

So I decided to start my own business. At first, the company was called Mindbinders, and we began selling our ring bound study-cards at UW-Madison. I think the bookstore was a little nervous the product wouldn't sell, but they were a huge hit.

Ok. NOW I get it, and what an ingenious product! I then went back and tried writing on them with a huge Sharpie marker which worked, though there was a little bleed through. (As Sharpies are inclined to do.)

Buy them Here. They come in 4 different sizes, all with white paper, though the 2x3" also comes in a Neon option. (Shown above.) They range in price from $1.39 to $3.19 each, and multi-pack options are available within a single size.

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LizB said...

just to add, that ring bound index cards are also available in Staples, in 2 "3 colour" packs. The benefit they have is that they have a hard plastic cover, so there's no buckling, bending or ripping of the cover, or paper.

And they're price comparable.

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