Thursday, October 2, 2008

Review: Quo Vadis US made "Little" (small) Habana - which has different paper than the "Papa" (large) Habana


Gratuitous sexy journal shot. :o)

One Habana

The US made "Little" Habana -similar to the big "Papa" Habana, except that the paper is thinner. These will continue to be made in the US, and the paper grades are going to stay the same. There had been a question of whether to continue production in the US and the answer is YES! They will continue to be produced in the US.

- Large notebook - 90 g paper
- Small notebook - 64 g paper

And per Karen Doherty of Exaclair: The French version with ivory paper, (currently 60g in both the large and small,) will be replaced with 85g in each. These will NOT be imported to the US, as Exaclair WILL be importing the Rhodia Webnotebooks instead. (with 90g paper)

Exaclair does not currently feel the need to import two ivory papered journals.

Two Habana

Size difference between the large & small Quo Vadis Habanas

Of note- each of these has a flexible cover, BUT the cover on the small Habana is less flexible that the one on the large. That's good news for those of us that don't normally write on a flat surface. I like to write everywhere and I often end up propping a journal on my knee. A hard backed book that lies flat is ideal for this, and like I said, the flexible cover on the Habana is much firmer than that on the large. They both also lie flat.

3 Habana

Size comparison between large and small Habanas and Moleskines. I find the small Moleskine to be annoyingly unusable, the large Habana to be best suited for desk writing, the little Habana to be a great travel size and the large Moleskine just right for my needs. If only the Moleskine had the Clairfontaine paper I'd be in heaven. Here's to hoping the new Webnotebook suits all of my needs...

4 Habana

Pen test in the little Habana with the 64g paper. (By the way - that's Sailor Blue, not Blue-Black) The Staedtler Lumocolor & Sharpie bled through, but that's not surprising, because they bleed through everything.

NONE of the fountain pen inks feathered at all. A few of the inks left small blood dots on the reverse side of the paper. Not shown on this page, I used a .07 (Binder) cursive italic in a Pelikan M200 filled with J Herbin Eclat de Saphir and this paper didn't seem to like the wider nib because it bled through the paper. Not badly, but enough to be annoying. With the thin width of the ruling with this book, it's not really suited for such a large nib anyway.

5 Habana

I made a mistake in stating (in the handwritten review) that the paper (90g) in the large Habana would be replaced with the paper in the small Habana. (64g) They are staying the same. (Sorry - too lazy to re-write and re-photograph the handwritten review)

6 Habana

Close up of writing in the little Quo Vadis journal. Sailor Blue-Black showing nice shading. Written with an EF Lamy Safari fountain pen.

7 Habana

Probably my only complaint about this little Habana is where they placed the top and bottommost stitches to secure each signature. Because the paper is thin, if you hastily turn the pages and grab them from the middle of the bottom (or top) of the page rather than the corner, the pages can lift and the whole signature comes up. Do this often enough, and I'd be concerned that those stitches would tear.

8 Habana

Difference in ruling. Small Habana to the left, (5mm) a large Moleskine in the center (6mm), and the large Habana on the right. (8mm) White versus ivory.

5mm ruling makes me my handwriting feel a tad too claustrophobic, but for people with small handwriting, or those that write with a fine or an extra fine fountain pen, you are going to love these.

You can buy the US Habanas at Swisher Pens. $15 for the small and $20 for the large.

*The use of "Little" and "Papa" are my own, and not that of Exaclair/Quo Vadis. :o)



Speedmaster said...

VERY nice review! And that bit about the stitching in the pages is disappointing. ;-(

Biffybeans said...

Thanks speedmaster. The issue with the stitching isn't really bad if you aren't rough with the pages. I am, so I would have a problem with it. If the paper was thicker, I don't think it would be much of an issue.

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