Sunday, October 5, 2008

Review: Pocket Stifflexible Notebook - Interesting Design

Stiff 1

Stifflexible journals were created to replicate a binding system found in a book from the 1700's. It is designed, produced and finished entirely in Italy.

They can be purchased online at The Bromfield Penshop

Cover of small Stifflexible journal. It has an elastic closure, and the band sits nicely into one of the cover grooves, which keeps it from accidentally slipping off.

Stiff 2

Reverse of Stifflexible journal.

Stiff 3

Rounded cover make it easier to pull in and out of a bag without the book getting beat up.

Stiff 4

Showing what the Stifflexible is known for. It's grooved cover. (More on it in a minute)

Stiff 5

The back cover includes a small pocket for stashing small bits of paper, and the pocket cover can double as a page keeper.

Stiff 6

Showing how the back flap can act as a page keeper.

Stiff 7

Again showing how the back flap can act as a page keeper.

Stiff 8

The book does lie flat.

Stiff 9

This is where the funky cover comes into play. Because it can flex, you can flip through the pages with ease. I personally do not care for this feature. I prefer a hard cover and to me, this sort of defeats the purpose. Since the cover is cardboard, it seems that through repeated use of this feature, that the book might end up looking pretty beat up.

Stiff 10

Though hard to tell in this picture, the Stifflexible is slightly smaller than a pocket Moleskine.

Stiff 11

Here you can see that's the Stifflexible is slightly smaller than the Moleskine.

Stiff 12

Stifflexible comes in a ton of options - including a Bob Marley version. I personally care more about paper quality than aesthetics.

Stiff 13

The small pamphlet that comes with the journal promotes "Fountain Pen Friendly"

Stiff 14

This was my first pen test in the Stifflexible, where I tried a combination of fountain pen inks and various markers.

Stiff 15

The Lumocolor bleeds most noticeably, but all of the blue fountain pen inks are bleeding as well.

100208 Stiff 001

After deciding to re-ink several of my fountain pens with different inks, I re-did the test using only fountain pens and ink. Nib sizes vary. EF, F, M, and .05 & .07 cursive italic are represented. Inks include Noodlers, Diamine, Lamy, Private Reserve and J Herbin.

100208 Stiff 003

They didn't do very well.

100208 Stiff 005

This is a close up of the reverse side of the paper.

Stiff 16

In review, I can't recommend this book for use with fountain pen inks other than Noodler's Bulletproof Black. It's an interesting design, but it just doesn't suit my needs.


Speedmaster said...

Very nice work! ;-)

Did you see my review of this from earlier in the year?

Win3XP said...

Thanks, Stephanie. You're amazing.

I've been enjoying your posts -- and learning from them -- for a while now. In fact, it was you who led me to several discoveries. ;)
As it is, I suppose I'll save all that for other posts... If you care, I've posted something mainly for you, as my first post, here on Blogger. Hope it makes you smile, if only for a moment.

Have a great day,


Biffybeans said...

Win, I'm glad that my posts are helpful to you. Ironically, I've only been using fountain pens for 1 year. It's just that I love to write, and I get frustrated when something doesn't work as I wish it should. I don't mind posting my findings, because that's what others have done before me.

Truthfully, not everything I own bleeds & feathers in the Moleskines. It's just that it's such an inconsistent product that it can lead to frustration when you get a new pen, or a new ink and you can't use it comfortably in a $17 journal.

I actually have found that there are some companies that pay more attention to the quality of their paper. I am looking at 4 journals right now with paper that did not bleed or feather at all, but only one of them is similar in design to the Moleskine. So it's like 6 of one, half dozen of the other.

Again - I'm glad that my posts are useful to you - and thanks for posting your findings as well. If we all keep contributing to this cause, eventually we'll find something that works.

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