Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"There is something in everything...."

Mandala - There is something in Everything

I am a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason," even if it's not immediately apparent. I also believe that "there is something in everything," meaning that there is something to be learned or gained from any situation.

In my case, I've had good, bad, and seemingly trivial things happen over the course of my almost 40 years that have made me who I am today. There is one small incident that happened to me over 12 years ago that has radically affected my current life in a VERY positive way- but it didn't become immediately apparent for the first 9 years....

So when a certain something happens, I like to look back and reflect how I've arrived, because it helps you to understand how everything and everyone is connected. Once you start to see patterns, (good or bad,) you can see if you need to move more in one direction or away from another. You start to develop foresight. You learn how to protect yourself from making repeated mistakes, and you learn how to move in a direction that allows you to create a rewarding life.

Once in a while we get dealt a hand that seriously challenges us in many ways. Mentally, physically, spiritually, or financially, they can cause us pain and much suffering. When we are in the midst of one of these situations, it's not always easy to step outside of ourselves and see what we are supposed to learn, or what we are supposed take away from it. It's not usually until after a situation has passed that you can gain clarity through hindsight. But you need to take that hindsight and LEARN from it. And sadly, again, the reason for the hardship isn't always going to be apparent.

They key to this- and it's a tough one, is to not take the situation personally. If you wallow in self-pity, or if you suffer from needless guilt, you can't grow. You will ultimately end up shielding yourself from what you were supposed to learn, and limit your growth. The same can be said for people that insist on complaining all the time. They worry so much about how a situation is affecting them, but they don't use that energy into attempting to find a solution to the problem. Their complaints, worries, suffering, and guilt become like a protective wall around them that they keep adding to, rather than tearing it down and supporting themselves through positive energetic actions.

Just remember, no matter how much a situation sucks, there's always something to be taken away from it. Always. No action is ever wasted except for those you didn't take.

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+20 said...

god made me read your post.
it's the only way to turn negative into positive.

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