Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Review: Rhodia ePure Journal. Pretty sweet paper!

Rhodia ePure Journal

This is a large black Rhodia ePure journal.

The Daily Planner is currently selling them in the US, but Karen from Exaclair (the company that imports Rhodia) said that there were no future plans to import the ePure, so I'd suggest checking with the Daily Planner about current and future availability so grab them while you can!

In the UK, you can order them from: The Writing Desk.

Rear of Rhodia ePure wrapper

100g paper makes it thicker than the typical 80g Rhodia paper found in the orange pads we are used to seeing.

Large Rhodia ePure on top of a large Moleskine

Showing the size difference. Large Moleskine on top of the large ePure. The cover of the ePure is a thin leatherette reminiscent of the covers on the Miquelrius flexible journals.

Rhodia ePure  - doesn't lie quite flat

The book doesn't lie quite flat, but it seems like the more you use it, the flatter it will get. I might be willing to overlook the lack of a hard cover, and it's inability to lie perfectly flat for good quality paper...

Rhodia ePure glued binding

Showing the glued binding.

Rounded edge of the Rhodia ePure journal

Rounded spine. Page corners are also rounded.

Trying everything in my pen case in the Rhodia ePure journal

And now for the "everything in my pen case test"

Handwritten Rhodia ePure review

Handwritten review.

"Paper is SMOOTH, but isn't as "shiny" as typical Rhodia paper. Made very single fountain pen tested feel like an ultra smooth writer. Ink appears to dry quickly"

I'd like to add that despite the picture quality, this paper is unruled white.

Reverse of the ink test page in the Rhodia ePure Journal

Reverse of pen test - the permanent markers bled (to be expected) but everything else seemed to behave rather well. Minimal to no feathering and only an occasional blood dot. All FP inks looked great, with the exception of the ink in the Pilot Petit which lightly bled through.

Of note - I'm not sure what "Thin and removable paper" means on the Rhodia site. This paper does not appear to be perforated like their other pads. In tearing out a page, it did not come out easily.


Speedmaster said...

Nice review, thanks! What do you think of that binding, will it hold up over time and regular tough use?

Biffybeans said...

That's a good question about the binding, and my true response is, I don't really know. I honestly think I'd feel better about it if the book wasn't so thick. If you wrote slowly, and carried it around in a backpack for a year...you know what I mean? It's too fat to shove in my purse, so if I use it, I'll probably use it to draw in, and that won't really test it for it's durability if it's just sitting around at home.

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