Sunday, September 7, 2008

Review of Nomad Adventure Journals

Just got my new Nomad Adventure Travel Journal, and I'm happy.....

090608 022

This is the zippered case. You can order a journal with or without a case, and the cases ARE available separately.

090608 024

Unzip the case, (which seems to be well constructed) and there is a pocket on the left, the back of the journal slips into a pocket on the right, and there is a pen holder to the right of the journal.

Journal only: 5”x7”
Journal w/case: 6”x8”

090608 026

Cover of the Travel Journal

090608 027

First page of the journal

090608 028

In this Travel Journal, detailed sections allow for documenting your excursion. This is the 1st page for an entry.

090608 029

This is the 2nd page for an entry. (Reverse side)

090608 030

This is the comment page, which is the same on the reverse. A total of 4 pages per entry.

090608 031

This is the most important feature for me. This recycled paper *IS* fountain pen friendly. Each page is a thick and smooth, and the only negative thing I can say about the paper is that some of the inks came out a little thin on the page, probably due to the light, barely discernible graphics that are printed on the page. (Graphics look like a topo map.) The Staedtler permanent pen bled through a little, but the paper help up to everything else. Whoo-hoo!

090608 035

The journals have a super thick and stiff set of covers, that would absolutely allow you to use the journals without a case.

090608 036

Small Moleskine journal shown on top to show the size.

090608 039

And Wait! Check this out! My Cachet Watercolor journal fits in the case perfectly!

090608 041

090608 044

Thinking about how else I could use the case, this shows a small watercolor Moleskine, a Windsor & Newton Bijou Box, and several watercolor brushes. The brushes were a little too long, but I'm sure I could choose a different brush or somehow modify.

090608 045

The day I received this, I grabbed it and used it to review a new local restaurant. 4 pages was plenty to document the experience. Nomad has a plethora of different journals for different adventure purposes. I personally would like to see a "Dining" version, thought the options available in the Travel version suited me just fine. They also make blank journals that could be used in any fashion.

From the Nomad Website: Nomad Adventure Journals is a company devoted to preserving your most memorable adventures. Through detailed record keeping, the Nomad Journal helps you to preserve your experiences and create a personalized guidebook.

These journals are a product of our passion for the outdoor experience and the desire to remember, in great detail, each and every adventure. Whether your passion is bird watching, rock climbing, hiking, travel, fly fishing or live music, detailed entries in your journal will serve as a reminder of special moments as well as a valuable guidebook. Nomad Journals offer plenty of room to log every detail, from hiking/driving directions to local accommodations or camping. Details previously found written on corners of maps and pages of your guidebook can now be organized and easily referenced."

"Nomad Adventure Journals is a company committed to protecting our fragile environment and supporting responsible environmental organizations. All journals are minimally packaged, produced with recycled paper, and printed with soy based inks."

Available journals include: Climbing, Travel, Bird Watching, Fishing, Fly Fishing, Music/Festival, Paddle, Camp-Backpack-Hike, Trail Journal, and Blank Journals

New journals to be released soon: Bouldering, Mountain Bike, Peak Bagger, Wine Tour, Surfing, Sailing, Diving, Nature Discovery, and a Children's Journal

$27 w/ weatherproof zippered case - refills are $15-$16

Shipping via Priority Mail is $5.95

Blank journals are available

Weatherproof zippered case is available alone for $12.00, leather case is $14.00

They also sell waterproof writing journals for $8.50

Visit the Nomad website here: Nomad Adventure Journals

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Anonymous said...

Great review! You're review pushed me over the edge and I bought a bunch of them for friends.

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