Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quo Vadis Memoriae Themed Journal - "My Joys" Version

090608 047

The Quo Vadis Memoriae is a themed journal and in my opinion, it would make an excellent gift (think wedding, graduation, travelling, new baby) for someone new to journaling, or someone that needs a little help with organizing their thoughts.

Me personally? I prefer a blank journal that I can fill with reckless abandon. :o)

The most important feature for me with any journal is that it be fountain pen friendly, and I am happy to report that YAY! the Memoriae and it's smooth ivory 80g "prestige" paper did not feather or bleed with any number of fountain pen inks and nib widths that I tried in it.

My next most important feature is that the book lie flat for writing. The covers are imitation leather and have some flex to them - just a little, not a lot. This journal needs encouragement to lie flat. A combination of the stitched binding and thicker paper (which is a good thing) means that you have to push down on the pages if you have the book sitting on a flat surface.

Per Karen at Exaclair, "As of now, we do not import Memorarie in the US, although they can be found in some specialty stationery stores in Canada if anyone wants to order them."

View more versions of the Memoriae, and order Here from the UK.

- pocket size 10 x 15cm ( 4" x 6")
- hardbound imitation leather cover with round corners
- matching color elastic closure

090608 049

Back of packaging

090608 059

Without wrapper - it's a very nice, well made book.

090608 050

Other available versions

090608 052

Stickers that you can add to the tabbed index pages.

090608 054

Inside the front cover

090608 055

- 224 pages, "prestige" 80g ivory paper

090608 056

I think the index is a great idea for people to organize their thoughts, but I'm not crazy about the tabbed pages. Pick up the book, flip it open, and it always wants to go to the first tab of the index. Like when you open a magazine with an advert card in it. It always flips to that page. Perhaps some people would like that, I'm not sure.

I'm not crazy about the index headers being listed in 3 languages. It seems to be a waste of space, and it's a little confusing for me to look at.

Various sections in the index of the "My Joys" version.

First Times
Childhood Memories
Most Memorable People
Blank section (Add Stickers)

090608 058

Back pocket - extendable folder inside back cover for storage of items like photos, ticket stubs, etc.

Read the original Quo Vadis Blog about the Memoriae Here


Speedmaster said...

I like the embossed cover. ;-)

skro said...

I don't like the big QuoVadis Logo on the first page. And all that space that gets lost with the labelthing... Not really a winner.

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