Thursday, September 11, 2008

Metallica's Death Magnetic is about to be released and I can't get past the whole "We met them 19 years ago" bit...

My Husband Jeff with James Hetfield of Metallica 07/29/1989

In 1989, (yes....I'm almost 40) my husband Jeff and I got to meet Metallica.
That's Jeff to the right of Papa Hetfield. They are both big guys - each pushing 6'3".

My husband Jeff with Lars Ulrich of Mulletallica, I mean Metallica 07/29/1989

This is Jeff making Lars look really small. (Lars has a mullet.)

Me and Jeff

This is me & Jeff today. As you can see, the long hair, 80's tinted glasses and bandanna around the neck are all gone.

Jeff Dancing Animation - Click on "All Sizes" and view the original size to see him dance.

This is Jeff dancing. He's happy that the new Death Magnetic CD is on it's way. We may be one of the few people that didn't illegally download it from the internet before it's official release date. Still trying to decide if we should go see them on this tour. We are getting really old for that sort of thing.

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