Friday, September 26, 2008

It's 80's Big Hair Friday and Steffie Turbo Lives!

Me with big heavy metal rocker hair and look-a-like doll circa 1986/87 (Wearing a cut off Duke t-shirt - Greg Howe's old band)

Circa 1986-87, wearing trademark teased Steve Stevens styled hair, upside down rose tinted glasses, and cut off t-shirt emblazoned with Greg Howe's old band, "Duke."

Mattel had released a series of "Rocker" Barbie dolls, and I had to have one. I teased and styled her hair just like mine, and I made her a little pair of "Steffie Turbo" style sunglasses.

And just who is "Steffie Turbo?"

80's High School Art - Steffie Turbo
Vintage Steffie Turbo drawing. (Maybe I should sell it on Ebay?)

Steffie Turbo was a caricature I used to draw of myself, based on Bloom County character Tess Turbo. I loved Bloom County and especially Opus the Penguin.

Sometime in the mid-90's, I was pretty embarrassed with how I used to look in the 80's, and subsequently destroyed most images of myself from that time period. Luckily, I did spare a few of my more favorite images, this being one of them.


Casey C said...


Great pic! I have to dig out some of my more charming hair pics from the late 80's/early 90's!

Anonymous said...

i want to know how to tease my hair, like what did you do to get your hair like that? was your hair naturally curly back then?

Biffybeans said...

To get my hair “UP” I only ever did it one way. Backbrushing with a vent brush. You would hold your hair in a random section and brush down from behind it to give it volume. Do NOT use a teasing comb! You will NEVER get the knots out of your hair! To tease your bangs, you have to hold them from the bottom and brush up from the front to give them depth.

Biffybeans said...

PS - no, my hair was not curly, though it did have a little wave.

Anonymous said...

Wait, you mean to say that's not a wig? How lucky for you to have such long and lucious locks! Love It! You're beautiful!

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