Monday, August 25, 2008

Me with Kirk & James of Metallica, & the upcoming "Death Magnetic" disc.

Me and Kirk Hammett of Metallica 03/02/1989

Let me start by saying, yes, yes, yes. That is me. I was thinner, had bangs, rose colored glasses and wierd colored hair. Forgive me, for it was still the 80's.

Metallica has been one of my favorite bands since 1988 when a guy I was dating popped in a tape of "Kill 'em All" and I heard "The Four Horsemen" for the very first time. I was soooooo hooked. Like most of us old timers, I'm pretty partial to their first three albums. "Kill 'em All," "Ride the Lightning" and "Master of Puppets," but that doesn't mean that I haven't continued to support them over the years. I have every disc, all the way up through St. Anger. Some I like, others I don't.

I never got pissed with the whole Napster thing, and I didn't call them sell-outs when they picked up Bob Rock on the Black album. I just continued to go with the flow - always hoping for a song or two that goes back to the good old days of duel leads and Kirk solos. (I was however, disappointed to hear the way former bass player Jason Newstead was treated by some of the other band members.)

I had heard that they were supposedly returning to their roots on this new disc, but that's what they said about St. Anger. (My least favorite Metallica disc.) Then just the other day - I head a new song from the upcoming Death Magnetic disc. It was ironicaly called, "The Day that Never Comes." Ironic because it takes Metallica FOREVER to release a new disc.

And you know what?

The song kicked major ass. I can't WAIT to hear the rest of the album.

Me and James Hetfield of Metallica 03/02/1989

Me and Kirk Hammett of Metallica 07/29/1989

Me and James Hetfield of Metallica 07/29/1989

All photos were from 1989.

The five times I've seen Metallica:

04/18/86 Ozzy/Metallica Damage Inc. Tour (YES - with Cliff Burton)
03/02/89 Metallica/Queensryche "Damaged Justice Tour"
07/29/89 Metallica/The Cult "Damaged Justice Tour"
07/05/92 Metallica/Metal Church "Wherever I may Roam Tour"
06/07/94 Metallica/Danzig/Suicidal Tendencies "Shit hits the Sheds Tour"


A.J. said...

Steph, you totally rock those glasses.

Biffybeans said...

I'm so sexy, right? LOL

A.J. said...

I was discussing 80's fashion with a group of friends the other evening. Big hair, shoulder pads, lots of big plastic bangles on the wrists or in the ears.

I said, half jokingly, that I used to go to thrift stores trying to find a pastel suit jacket that I could pair up with some white pants and boat shoes, so I could go to school dressed up as Sonny Crockett.

Ah, the memories. ;-D

FPNBallboy said...

Trending really well there Ms Biff; both sartorially and companion wise.

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