Wednesday, August 6, 2008

In memory of Bob

In Memory of Bob

For 6 years, I created and sold my handmade jewelry at craft shows, art festivals, etc. I started with simple beaded designs and ended up doing a lot of wire weaving and metal work. Everything I did was cold connected - cold connections being various ways to attach things together without the use of heat.

All of the skills I acquired through the years were things I taught myself through books, or by reverse engineering a design I found interesting. The piece shown above was my first completed piece of metal work. I had been inspired to work with copper after seeing Jesse James (the bike builder) build a motorcycle out of copper. (Copper Chopper)

Once completed, I named this piece in memory of a former co-worker.

I used to work with a man named Bob- a simple guy that used to enjoy walking around the hardware store to get ideas for home improvements. Sadly, Bob died at an early age from an inoperable brain tumor. When I first started doing metal work and was stocking my toolbox, I couldn't help but think of Bob. This piece was sawed from copper sheet, hammered for texture, filed smooth, drilled & tumbled. I attached the handmade jump rings and oxidized it with liver of sulfur.


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