Friday, August 29, 2008

Endless Summers... Goofy photo of me and friends circa 1981

Summer comes up so fast. It doesn’t officially start until Jun 21st, but I always feel like the best part of it is over by the 4th of July. The fireworks go off and the sweltering heat and humidity starts and lasts well into September. The days start to get shorter around June 20th and I feel that the days with the longest amount of light are the best.

If I could live somewhere where it always stayed daylight up until about 9 o’clock, I would. Short days depress me. I still have this memory of taking the 5-6 o’clock bus home from working at the mall and the interior bus lights were on because it was dark outside. I also remember working at the warehouse- going to work in the dark, and coming home on the dark. I hate that more than you can imagine.

The illusion of a longer day makes you feel like you have more time to get things accomplished, rather than parking your ass in front of the TV and feeling like the days are squashed into the tiniest space imaginable.

Summer also reminds me of days spent “Up Home” at my Aunt Evelyn’s house. The sound of blue jay’s calling always reminds me of being a child and having no responsibilities except having to come in for dinner when called.

We’d have sleepovers, staying up late to watch old scary black and white movies long after our regular bedtimes. We’d wake up early and go swimming in my cousin’s pool. The small above ground pool that took up their entire cement “back yard,” sounds coming through the windows of the adults playing cards inside.

I remember running 5 times down to the corner drugstore for candy, only to be yelled at by the clerk the 5th time around because I wasn’t wearing shoes. (She had claimed to have told me each time prior but because I was a young child pumped full of sugar and excited to be away from home and swimming on a beautiful day, I probably didn’t hear her.

We didn’t have a lot of money when I was young, and I often times remember never having all of the necessary changes of clothing when I would go and visit somebody. Meaning that I sometimes couldn’t go swimming because no one had anything that would pass as a suit for me. Or I’d have the wrong shoes. My feet were and still are very sensitive. I have a hard time finding things that don’t rub, or make my feet burn. So I don’t think I always had proper sneakers or flip flops for the occasions at hand.

One time I remember going down to the local community fair with sandals that were ripping my feel to shreds with blisters. I think my Aunt Evelyn managed to find a band-aid at the bottom of her purse and that kept me from losing my mind.

Written 05/30/08

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