Thursday, August 28, 2008

Doodling with a Binder Mod Fountain Pen

Many circle doodles, originally uploaded by biffybeans.

What's a Binder Mod? It's a fountain pen nib, (the part you write with) that's somehow been modified from it's normal state by a man named Mr. Richard Binder

Richard Binder is what is affectionately known as a "nibmeister," and a nibmeister is a person that does custom nib grinding work. Richard is very well known for the quality of his work. Some nib/pen combinations can be purchased pre-ground from his website, and you can also have him grind your nib - though I understand that due to high demand, there is a long turn around to get your pen/nib back.

And why would you want a custom ground fountain pen nib? Some nibs write thicker than desired and can be ground smaller. Some people want variation in their handwriting, and desire something like a cursive italic or a stub both of which can create line variation like that of a calligraphy pen.

The image represented above was the first time I tried drawing/doodling with my "Binder Mod." It's a .07 Cursive Italic in a Pelikan M200. I was doodling in a Canson All Media sketchbook, and the paper has a great deal of "tooth" (it's rough) and I really liked the way the pen wrote on the paper.

Close up of Cursive Italic writing from Lamy custom Cursive Italic in Moleskine

Close up of Cursive Italic writing from Lamy Safari custom Cursive Italic in Moleskine - ground by the nibmeister at Pendemonium

Moleskine Review of my new Custom Ground Lamy Cursive Italic Nib

Moleskine Review of my new Custom Ground Lamy Safari Cursive Italic Nib


va said...

Great review. Nice comments on Binder.

ckrause said...

Hi BB! Your handwriting is so beautiful. I recently purchased a Lamy Safari, but find it very difficult to write in a consistent form compared to my standard ball point pens. Do you have any suggestions for improving handwriting with fountain pens?

Biffybeans said...

ckrause - I've seen lots of people discussing handwriting on the Fountain Pen Network but the one thing in my estimation that can help to write better with a fountain pen is to be aware of your grip - see my recent post

Fountain pens require little to no pressure to get the ink to flow across the page - which is completely different from how a ballpoint works. I'd recommend practicing a light touch on some horizontal & vertical lines and maybe some "o's" as well. Work on forming your letters slowly and carefully. You will get the hang of it!

noattach said...

Awesome writing! Are you using the Lamy blue ink?

Biffybeans said...

noattach - I don't think so because I always found it to be too thin for my liking. When I first started using a fountain pen in a Moleskine journal, I kept switching inks because I thought they were the reason for the feathering and bleeding. I'd soon learn it was the paper and would switch brands of journals. If I had to guess what this ink was, it may have been Noodler's La Coleuer Royal which I really liked but traded away.

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