Sunday, August 10, 2008

080808 Stone Temple Pilots at Musikfest

Some incredible soul at Arts Quest had the incredible foresight to book the "doomed to inevitably implode" band STONE TEMPLE PILOTS as one of this year's headliner acts at Musikfest.

This being the 25th anniversary of the festival - this was the only act to sell out prior to the show date - (6500 seats) and it very well may have been the only headliner to sell out through the entire 10 day festival.

Even though they got a late start, (about 40 minutes) and Scott Weiland muffed a few of the words to the bands opening number "Big Empty", they heavily rocked a solid show that took us through all the hits through their first 3 albums - three of my all-time favorite albums.

Last Sunday I sat on my porch and listened to Kool & the Gang. Last Monday - went to see a kick ass band called Entrain - playing Musikfest for the 13th year in a row, but I had somehow never made it out to see them. Tuesday, sat on the porch & listened to Poison - who sounded amazing. Wednesday, went to see another headliner - Earth Wind & Fire. Friday, STP. Saturday, went to a friend's party that lives right near the fest. Drum circles on the corner.....

And now I sit in my kitchen hearing John Fogerty singing "Bad Moon Rising" and awaiting the booms that signal the end of Musikfest - the fireworks.

This year - it was all good......

Maybe next year they will book Metallica.

080808 STP performs "Wicked Garden" at Musikfest.

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