Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mandala - The People in Your Life

I have come to the conclusion in my almost 40 years on this planet that all of the people you encounter in your life, be they friends, relatives or co-workers, have all entered your life for a very specific function.

The purpose may not always be immediately evident.

Sometimes they are there to console us through troubled times and sometimes they are there with us to enlighten us to our own higher purpose in life.

Sometimes they are there to bring joy into our lives, and sometimes to make our lives more difficult but with the purpose of us learning from these encounters.

Sometimes these people are aside us throughout most of our lives, and sometimes they are there for only a fraction of a second to pass along a simple message about ourselves.

Upon occasion, it becomes frustrating when people seemingly vanish from our lives without so much as a goodbye, but those people are often the ones that we should consider as having served their purpose and look closely at the message our relationships with them have left behind.

Sometimes it's also necessary to re-think a particular relationship if it is no longer serving your higher good. People can change, and your relationships with them can change as well.

Be grateful of the people in your life now, as well as those you are no longer in contact with. They have all served a purpose in your life and without them, you would not be the person you are.

Every relationship is important. Overlook no one. It's all important. And remember that you are just as important to another person as they are to you.

Remember you are at the center of it all. Take nothing or no one for granted. Appreciate everyone no matter how frustrating at times. Everyone is a part of you and you are a part of everyone else. Take nothing for granted. Appreciate everyone in their own way.

06/15/08 Stephanie


Thunderbird said...

Hey, you, it's me, Linda (flickr). Great site. I've added you to my "unusual readings".

Hope you're well.


Stephanie "Biffybeans" Smith said...

Hi Linda! Thanks for finding me, and for reading my blog. Hope you are also doing well!

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