Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects, originally uploaded by biffybeans.

I inadvertently left 2 pens out of the lineup. A silver Lamy AL-Star, and a Hero 329. (Parker 51 copy) Those two aren't in my regular rotation so it's probably why they got left out.

These would be the usual suspects.

Left to right:

Pelikan M200 Fine Nib. Bought new for $55 from Pam Braun

Pelikan M200 .07 Cursive Italic nib (custom ground by Mr. Richard Binder) $40 from a friend on the Fountain Pen Network that new I was looking for one.

Sailor Sapporo Medium nib. Bought used in mint condition via the Fountain Pen Network. Pd $90 which included shipping.

Esterbrook J w/ a 9556 Fine Writing Nib. Pd $12 on Ebay, replaced the original scratchy nib with the 9556, which I think I paid another $12 for - also on Ebay. I don't use it much - but it's cool to have a 60 year old pen in your collection.

Lamy 2000 EF Bought used through the FPN for $79. Had nib problems & a stiff piston. $15 bought me a round trip ticket to Lamy service who replaced pretty much everything inside the pen, and swapped the nib for a finer EF.

4 Lamy Safari's:

Yellow - an Extra Fine. I love this smooth writer. This came from Swisher Pens. Quick shipping and reasonable prices. I do not remember the price.

Red - whom I affectionately call "RED" because this was my first fountain pen. It's a smooth thick Medium nib, and I bought it at Pendemonium. I do not recall the price.

Blue - currently fitted with a .05 Cursive italic nib that Pendemonium custom ground for me. The pen came from an unnamed seller that took 3 weeks to ship. So much for saving a few bucks. I have subsequently never liked the color of this pen. I may end up swapping the nib over to old RED.

Blue-Red - a Fine nib, closer in line width to the EF. A kind person on the FPN sold this to me new in the box...for $20. I always liked this color combination.

The pens that truly get the most usage are the black Pelikan F, the Sailor, the Yellow & Dk Blue Lamy's, and also the 2000 that it's back from repair.


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

I love / loved my yellow Lamy pen too... it was my first fountain pen, I'm afraid I've ruined it though, since I used permanent ink in it, and now even though I cleaned it, it won't work. I think I'll buy myself another one.

Stompy said...

The patterning on the Estie is lovely.

Speedmaster said...

I love the pic, nice Pelikans, too! ;-)

Rick Hein said...

Looking good! Some of my best friends are in your pic as well! I've got a new blue Al-star and it's fit right in with my Waterman Phileas, Parker Sonnet and Cross.

See you on FPN!

the unreliable narrator said...

What a beautiful blue M200 (and a great deal too!)—how do you like the cursive italic nib? Lovely blog, I'm having tons of fun pokin' round....! :o)

Biffybeans said...

Thank you for the compliment on my blog Unreliable Narrator, I like the CI a lot, but it's really at it's best when you use it on good quality paper so it shows it's accurate line definition.

S.L. Dixon said...

Why is it that yellow Lamys are so awesome? I have one too - it was my first fountain pen - and I still use it more than any I've bought since. Love it.

Biffybeans said...

SL - I think it's the color.... more of a yellow orange and it's a *Happy* yellow.

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