Monday, July 28, 2008

Official Handwritten Moleskine Review of the Sailor Sapporo Fountain Pen

Sailor Sapporo Official Moleskine Review

(Filled with Pelikan Brilliant Black)

Found the black/rhodium M Sapporo in the marketplace. It was only previously dipped and was as near mint as I can imagine. PD $90. (including shipping) Cheapest I found them online new was $105.

I feared two things with the Sapporo. 1st being that it's converter filled vs a piston filler. This converter seems to be made of a higher quality than other converters I've seen. Next was the width of the nib shoulders. I prefer a more narrow shouldered nib like the nib on the Pelikan M200 - but this is not much wider.

I picked up an M nib because I heard that Japanese nibs run smaller. IMHO, it's not much wider than the F nib on the Pelikan.

Is it smooth? You bet. Size? About the same as the M200 but wider and heavier. Nicely balanced when posted. WAY TOO SMALL (for me) to use unposted. To wrap up, a nice step up from the M200 but I'm not sure it's worth the difference in price. I like the M200 a lot.

See image for handwritten comparison samples from different pens.


Innards of the pen that hold the converter appear to be metal. Did I mention how small this pen is uncapped?

More handwritten examples between pens in the Apica.

Clairfontaine - More handwritten examples between pens

Rhodia - More handwritten examples between pens. Of note - every pen wrote it's thinnest on the Rhodia paper.

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Ontheroad said...

I've been wondering what you think is the difference between the Sapporo and the 1911? I don't see a review for that here. :o

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