Monday, July 28, 2008

Moleskine Review of my new Custom Ground Lamy Cursive Italic Nib

A while back, I bought a Safari of of Ebay (new) that had a scratchy, fine nib that was almost as thick as my medium Safari, so it never really got used. I ended up replacing the nib with a 1.1 stub and later realized that I could have the scratchy fine ground into something else. Sam at Pendemonium said that they could grind the fine nib into a Cursive Italic and that it would come out in the .05-,07 range. I sent the nib off to them for grinding, along with a check for $17. ($15 for the grind and $2 for return postage of the nib. I had it back in just a few DAYS.

It's as gloriously smooth as my other Lamy nibs and even smoother than the 1.1 stub. I am VERY happy with the service and end result and would recommend it to anyone that's not ready to splurge on a custom nib from Mr. Binder. (I do not yet own a Binder nib so I cannot compare.)

I find this size cursive italic much more suitable to my writing style than the 1.1 stub. I can write at full speed with it and it is not catching the paper at all.

Waterman Blue-Black ink.

Lamy 1.1 stub for comparison. Not as rounded. Maybe would work well for greeting cards or invitations.


Anonymous said...

Hi BB, Nice pen review. Just curious as to the nib width of the Pendemonium regrind you mentioned in your review..... You said it was in the ".05-,07 range". If those are measurements in millimeters (mm), that would be an incredibly fine nib (eg. Richard Binder's 0.1mm regrinds are deemed to be XXXXF ---he has a PDF chart on his website here: ) so is it possible you meant 0.5 - 0.7 instead?

Biffybeans said...

Yes - thanks for pointing that out. I am measurement challenged. Should be .5-.7

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