Monday, July 28, 2008

Ink Review: Private Reserve Arabian Rose.

In Moleskine:

Moleskine Official Review Private Reserve ARABIAN ROSE
in a Lamy Safari .05 (not .07) Cursive Italic Custom Ground Nib - by Pendemonium

Received some inks today that I bought in the Marketplace. The came to the Northeast US all the way from Anchorage Alaska.

This is the Private Reserve Arabian Rose. I had a feeling it would look good in this pen with a cursive italic nib. There is minimal bleed through in the Moleskine. You can see minimal shading on the reverse and just a few "blood dots" as I refer to them.

Not really seeing any feathering, which is unusual in this Moleskine.

Seems to dry relatively quick. LOVE the color. It reminds me of Caran D'Ache Strom, but much more saturated and without the bleeding. I would not say that it writes as "smooth" as some of my Noodler's, but with this color, I can live with it.

Stephanie "Biffybeans"

In Apica:

Only the tiniest of "blood dots" on the reverse. Writes smoother on the Apica paper. (No big surprise) Dries just fast in Moleskine/Apica. No feathering.

In Rhodia:

Writes smoother yet. No bleed through at all. No blood spots. Takes a little longer to dry. No feathering.

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